Thursday, November 09, 2006


We got it done! Moved the chickens to their new home (“Pictures at 10:00”).

I have been wanting to move the chickens back to the original spot we had them – in the middle pen of the barn. But it’s smaller than the pen they now have and would be too small for all of them. So I organized my brain (hard, yes, I know, but I DID it!) and had Norm help with the muscle work.

He (and Wayne) got a new gate made to enlarge the pen to almost twice the size and all we needed to do was move the nest boxes and the roost.

Tonight was the night. We moved the nest boxes, moved the night light (on a timer, now, so it runs until 10:00 and then shuts off so the hens can get their beauty sleep), pushed the objecting hens off the roost and moved that. Then, as Norm was hanging the new hanging feeder and getting a block for the water pan, I started shoo-ing the hens into the new pen. (“Go to the light! Go to the light!”) Many objected and fought me but after Norm got done with his stuff, he came in and helped move them in.

We left them to get used to their new pen. I think I’ll leave them locked in for about half a day so they can get used to the nest boxes and knowing where the food is. Then we will let them out a door and they will go out the normal door in the old pen, until we tear down that part of the barn.

Now, if you think you’re confused with this, don’t feel you are alone. I had to put this on paper for Norm to understand, which didn’t work, so I had to take his little hand and walk him to the barn and point out my plan (twice, even!) before he realized what I was talking about. And he has the advantage of living here and seeing the barn every day!!

I will take pictures tomorrow so that you understand a little bit more (if you are that interested).

One note .. for those who asked me about Harley --- we have known for a while that Rupert does his duty for the hens, but have been unsure about Harley. Well, as we moved the gals and guys to the new home, Rupert got a night-time romantic feeling. Harley said “If Rupert can do it, so can I” and grabbed the nearest hen. So, yes, both guys are now showing their man-hood!!

It was 81º yesterday, 51º today and will be about 38º tomorrow. Don’t you just love weather swings?? You have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

We are still having weather swings here to (I'm in VA) I have a feeling its just going to get really cold one day and stay that way. Then everyone will be sick. Ugh.
I will check back later for your photos