Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I've been tagged

I need to tell 5 untold truths about myself. Thank you, Tammy .. don't know if I want to bare my soul to the world.

1 ... I wanted to be a boy when I was growing up

2... I am lazy (sorry, that's not untold, everyone knows that)

Gosh, this is difficult!

3... I'd rather sleep than anything - even weave! (well, that's not a secret, either)

Can I make it?

4... I want a clean house (you wouldn't know it by looking, but that goes back to # 2)

5... Deep in my heart, I am 5'6" tall with curly black hair and green eyes (wouldn't it be nice if those dreams came true?

Whew!!! I made it!

Now, it's your turn. Anyone who reads this, you are tagged ... what are your 5 untold truths? Let me know when yours is up.

Have a beautiful day!

1 comment:

happyowl said...

LOL... I love #4, I think I am too.I did mine it's up... Don't laugh to hard.

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