Monday, November 27, 2006

Ice storm!

Oh, lordy ……we got freezing rain last night, just as predicted. It was wet last night, but this morning it is crunchy underfoot. I had a difficult time getting to the barn .. I slipped and slid and wished I had a railing from the house to the barn. When I got there, the door wouldn’t open, as the lever to hold the door closed was frozen. I had to get a stick to pound the lever to open the door!

Thankfully the chickens are toasty warm in their nice dry home. The roof is repaired, Norm has made a little door for them to go out so the big one doesn’t need to be open to the cold air, and they have deep, deep litter to keep their little feetsies dry. I got fourteen eggs on Saturday and eleven yesterday. They are happy, content and willing to give us their bounty. Thank you, hens!

Not only is it icy, it’s foggy. The visibility keeps shrinking and is down to about a quarter of a mile right now. I am so grateful we don’t need to go anywhere today –the joys of retirement!!

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Speaking of ice, it is time for me to make tomato sauce. I froze all of my tomatoes, except for eating ones for Norm, waiting for this day. We need freezer space for the new pig to come this week, so the tomatoes need to be processed. I poured them into the pot and they sounded like marbles hitting each other! Made my fingers freeze, too! I will cook them down, slowly … the frost on them will be enough liquid until they start thawing and cooking. This will be an all day project. They are straight from the garden, with no peeling or anything (except washing) Then I will strain the peels and stems out and cook them some more for the sauce. Some do spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce but I will do straight tomato, as I am not sure what I will do with the sauce until the day I decide to cook with it. If they are runny, I will strain for some juice.

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Last night I made six pints of beans. Mom gave me a package of white navy beans .. not my favorite ones (I like pintos best) but they canned up well. My goal, for beans, is to have enough canned so I don’t need to cook them in advance and don’t need to purchase the commercial ones.

As it is a chilly day, I will enjoy warping up my next project on the 15” loom. I just finished placemats and will take pictures of them when I have them sewn and washed. These are the ones I made with an old family Christmas tablecloth. I also purchased some cheap Christmas material and made a small placemat with that. The next project is still going to be Christmas placemats. I have another family tablecloth – both were stained too much for use – and more Christmas material.

It looks to stay frosty and foggy all day – a great day to be inside. You have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

How did the tomato sauce go? I was thinking of doing the same thing with my frozen tomato's but I haven't got around to it yet. I am still trying to get all the pumpkins done( people keep giving me pumpkins).

Hope your keeping warm

Brightest blessings


Autumn said...

I love any kind of dried beans, but I agree pinto is the best. I'm glad all the chickens weathered the storm ok.

lilfeathers2000 said...

have a God Blessed Week