Thursday, November 02, 2006

Free corn for the taking!

Yesterday we got a phone call from our neighbor, Barry. He is the one who supplies us with our corn. He had spilled a lot on the road while heading to the Co-Op the other day. We could have all we could scoop up for free.

We headed to the road where the corn was – it was in a long row along the side of the road – Barry had already swept it off the road and had collected some for his cattle.

The free corn is great – we have a large amount; it’s hard to tell how long it will last, but I’m guessing at least a month if not two!

The only downside is the labor to get it! It was frigid yesterday with a horrible north wind blowing in our faces. Norm and I took scoop shovels (mine is a small plastic child-sized one) and filled buckets and wash tubs and garbage cans full. The poor truck was groaning and laying on it’s axles when done.

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It doesn't look like much corn, but it's pretty thick in spots
and if you don't grab gravel ....
and this strip goes for nearly a mile!

The other labor is to get the corn separated from the dirt and gravel we picked up, no matter how careful. *I* was careful, but Norm wasn’t, to his sorrow. He was picking up every grain he could get, no matter how much gravel and dirt he got. Now we (he, mostly) have to screen it for the dirt and small gravel and hand pick it for the larger stones that are the same size as the corn.

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Scooping it into the sieve - the chickens get the gravel and extra corn that slides through

But, it’s free! And just in time – we were nearly out of corn and Barry doesn’t really have time to load us up with corn, because of the harvest – he’s frantically trying to get everything in before the next snow, which will come soon, I am sure!

And, on the very same note, only different!! The corn stove is W*O*R*K*I*N*G!!! We have had it running for 36 hours, with only one burp that stopped it yesterday. The temperature in the house is a balmy 67º and I am in short sleeves and bare feet! We can turn the heat up – the stove is set at the lowest temperature right now – when we have guests .. the only downside to that is to prepare in advance. It takes quite a while (a couple of hours, at least) to raise the temperature to any degree.

I forgot to wish you all a happy November. It is overcast, 27º and windy, yet it still is a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

Norm looks so cold! I'm glad you got all the free corn. A little hard work for a few hours and you'll be nice a cozy for a few weeks/ months.

Brightest blessings


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Nothing beats free heat.