Sunday, November 19, 2006

Did you watch the meteor shower last night?

Nope, I didn’t … had intentions to do so, but was busy picking rocks out of corn. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, the corn supply is dropping rapidly. What we thought would be about three months supply is looking to be only a month’s supply.

So our free corn is going fast, but that means it won’t be long before we can purchase good CLEAN corn and not have to sit and divide corn from rocks. I will admit, though, that the corn doesn’t have too many rocks … about three or four for a pie-plate of corn. My hands are so sore and so dry from this work every night – however, it gives me a great excuse to watch movies all night long!

David has gone over to Katie’s for a few days … I let him go, unwillingly, but know that the Hunters want to see him, too, for a while.

Brother Charles will be here sometime this afternoon – I’m planning chicken noodle (or dumpling) soup for supper. He will be here until Wednesday.

Joy and the girls should be here sometime today … they might be here until Tuesday night.

Niece Brook and family will be at her mom’s (Candy) from tomorrow until after Thanksgiving. So we will be getting together on Tuesday so everyone can see each other for awhile.

Only Jill will be missing – she and Eric are settled in the Seattle area – Federal Way, for anyone who is familiar with that area – but they WILL be home for Christmas!!

We have rearranged the bedroom (suite) upstairs in the girls’ area. When we have a lot of people staying, Joy and Ken will sleep upstairs with the girls … which means that Ashley and Jessica have to share a double bed. So we took down one of the double beds and put up the twin beds for them. Now they will have their own beds even when the parents are up there.

When Norm and David went to get the beds and mattresses out of storage, they discovered that the mattresses were coated with Asian beetles and their eggs. So we will have a ‘burning of the mattress’ party. And we are using our camping mattresses for the beds. Great idea – now we don’t need to find storage space for the mattresses and the girls will not need the beds when we are gone on our events!!

Chickens are laying about ten eggs a day … keeping us, Candy and Katie in plenty of eggs. The other day, we got a humungous green egg and it was a double yoker!! What a pleasant surprise!

It looks to be a beautiful week. You have a beautiful day!

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