Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did you vote?

Did you vote for the “right” party? Will your party win?

Today was the first day for us to vote here in our new area. It was a delight to go – no crowding (although there were many people there!); we saw people we knew – how many can say that in a large community? We never saw anyone we knew when we voted in Shakopee, unless we took our friend Deanna with us! Well, take that back – one of our friends is a voting officer (or whatever his title) so he was there to assist and we always saw him. But no-one else that we knew, because the area is so large and there are so many people there.

But in Storden, we knew the gal behind the table and had seen faces of many of the others there.

Now, I was told (or I understood) that we had to have electronic voting machines but we were handed paper ballots. The three voting cupboards (or whatever they are called) were filled, so we were allowed to go sit at a table if we wanted. We didn’t have to hide behind a curtain to vote. Norm and I sat side by side and marked our ballots.

While we were voting, I watched as several were trying to insert their ballots into a machine that COUNTS the ballots as they go in. It was not working! There were about ten people waiting to put their ballots into this machine.

Then the gal who is in charge came out of the office and said that we could put our ballots into this slot under the machine and they would be inserted into the counter later, when it was fixed. She had been on the phone with a technician who was coming out to fix it.

As I got my pretty little “I voted” sticker, I commented that I thought there were supposed to be machines and she pointed to one in the corner that looked kind of like a cross between a lap top computer and a printer. “You could have used that if you wanted to” she said. NOW she tells me!

But I would rather trust my own little pen on paper, even if the counter isn’t working. I know my vote (for the “right people”) will be counted and I will be instrumental in selecting the government for the next two years.

Now, I read the other day that the voting record for the United States is very sad, but that for some reason we “toughies” in the Northern states have higher records than the “softies” in the South. I don’t know about that. I do know there have been many years that I have had to struggle to drive to the polling place. Not this year!! It’s 64º and breezy. Overcast, so it feels cooler, but there’s no snow to plow through THIS year!!

I hope you all have (or will) voted and done your duty to God and your country! Have a beautiful day!

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Kati said...

LOL It was -5 deg. here yesterday, and I stopped in my voting place on my way to work & cast my ballot, as did DH. DD got to do kid's voting at school over the computer.

It's rather sad to see that only roughly 40% of Americans vote, when we have so much to lose or gain through voting.