Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We’re back!

We stayed at the folks longer than expected. We planned on heading home on Sunday, but headed home yesterday (Monday), instead.

Mom and Dad had said to plan on taking “some” stuff home ..... Norm’s little Ford Ranger (Princess Fergie, she says her name is) was stuff to the GILLS with things!

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We got there on Thursday afternoon. Mom had set the table for TEA … with a lovely tea set from Japan. (On a side note, we lived in Japan during the 50s and Mom got lots of lovely Japanese things, not made for Americans.) Candy covets the tea set and has put her name on it for “later.”

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Thursday night was visiting with the folks.

Friday, I had lunch with Mavis, my sister-in-law. We are married to brothers, which gives us a shared sympathy – technically, I suppose you can call us sisters-in-law-in-law. We spent three hours catching up with husbands, children, grandchildren and health in general. Mavis is suffering from Arthritis and other aches and pains that she should not have. Why do the good suffer and the bad get away with good health? So we discussed medications and I hope Mavis talks to her doctor about Aleve … it is so helpful to me, with my aches and pains and Candy has prescription strength which helps her pains. The people in the Chinese restaurant were very sweet and brought us more water, offered more tea and didn’t kick us out, as we sat and talked and talked and talked!

Finally got home after that long talk and rested just a bit before friend Nancy came to pick me up for supper. Nancy is my best, oldest friend (not in years, Nancy, in TIME) … I have known her longer than any other friend; we met when I was teaching spinning through a spinning group in Rapid City. She helped me purchase my first milk cow, Ginger.

We went to Colonial House, a lovely spot just ‘under’ Dinosaur Hill, just before you start up the hill towards Mt. Rushmore. We ate and talked for over two hours! We caught up with family, friends and work (and health. It’s unfortunate that at our ages, health is such an issue!).

Then went home and I was so stuffed after two large meals that I couldn’t even have the desert offered by Mom.

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It snowed Friday night with several inches of that white stuff by morning

Saturday, I spent some time with cousins Kathy and Bess; just a short visit, but pleasant.

The rest of the time I spent visiting or packing. Candy went to visit some friends, as well, and then she visited and packed.

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Lots of stuff on the table to be packed

As I said, we were to take “some” stuff. Mom and Dad are in the planning stages of possibly moving to an apartment. Candy and Mom went to see one … a senior housing for three thousand dollars a month (!!!). I have said, for a few years, now, that possibly they could make arrangements to stay in their house and have assistance there.

Candy mentioned that and they listened (Candy is considered wiser than I am). So, as of this moment, they are moving the pantry (at least some of it) upstairs to the kitchen. They have a split level, so they drive into the garage and either store canned things in the basement or carry the fresh upstairs. If they put the canned things upstairs, they don’t have to go down to collect them.

Then we suggested they sell the motor home, which at this moment is being used as a guest room, and drive the car to where the motor home sits, which is on an inclined drive that enables them to walk to the back door / deck and not have to climb stairs as much.

So, to make a long story short, they will discuss and possibly stay in the house for awhile longer. But they are still starting to dispose of things and we are taking the best of the best home with us.

The plan was to come home on Sunday, but mid day on Saturday, Candy and I discussed staying another day. Mom kept forecasting a six foot blizzard on Sunday with clear roads on Monday (yeah, right, Mom!!) so that we would have to stay there one more day.

But we assessed our energy levels and decided to finish packing on Sunday, rest the remainder of the day and start home Monday morning, which we did.

Candy drove the whole way home … she enjoys driving and I don’t, that much. We got home around supper time and I took Candy straight home then headed to Ash Lane Farm.

Norm, Goldie and Peanut were waiting. I thought I’d lose all the skin on my face with Peanut’s excited licking! This morning we took the truck (Princess Fergie, if you remember) back to Candy’s and unpacked. We moved her big things inside, separated what was hers and mine of the little things, then headed home so that Norm could go to work.

A long trip, but a good one – got to see friends, got to visit with Mom and Dad and got a lot of talking about many different subjects that we had sometimes broached but never taken the time to discuss.

Now Mom wants to use the “underwear method” of visiting. I am sure most of you have heard about the hunters and the underwear…. There are two hunters and they are gone for several days –but each one has only one pair of underwear. They wear them one day, turn them inside out the next day, trade with the other hunter the next day and switch the inside-out-ness the last day.

So she figures that Candy and I come one month, Norm and Wayne the next, Candy and Wayne the next, Norm and I the last, then start over. The underwear factor working.

Well, something like that MIGHT work, Mom, but it’s something that has to be discussed and planned with all four of us.

Anyway, we had a great trip and it was great to be home. My hens are laying about seven eggs a day, and there are two green eggs (one larger, one smaller) nearly every day!

It will be a beautiful day tomorrow – you have a beautiful day!!


Carla Lynne said...

Hello Grandma!

I am so glad you are home, safe and snug. I am sure Peanut missed you, as apparently so with the licking of your face! Now if Norm did that after you returned... we would have to talk!

I missed you and will try to get a hold of you this week. I am off to bed as this tired girl has made LOTS of bread today (the eatable kind...not money!)

I love you and give both your 'Peanuts' a big hug!

happyowl said...

What a wonderful visit. I am glad that you made it home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing your visit.

Brightest blessings


Candy Duell said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Now are you home for awhile, or do you have another journey to go on? I will be looking for you at the end of the week, tomorrow is a long day for me. I am glad you are home safe and sound, and from the sounds of it, the whole family was thrilled to have you back too!

grandma rosie said...

Sounds like a great trip. I always enjoy the stories of your adventures. We got back Saturday from our Homestead vacation. It was glouriuos. Check out my page for a picture of me milking a goat. HUGS to all.

Kati said...

Wow!!! What a busy weekend!!! Sounds like it was a good time, though. Glad you had fun & got a lot done!