Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We have a new family member!

Well, we have always had many members, but this one (and many other “new” ones) is one we have just met.

Norm’s cousin from the middle/north of Minnesota went to Sweden for a reunion. She became friends with Viktoria, who’s father is Norm’s second cousin – Norm’s grandfather’s brother was Viktoria’s great-grandfather.

The Minnesota cousin sent this picture …. Norm’s great-grandparents (who stayed in Sweden when Grandfather Lars John came over here) …

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It’s exciting to get to know members of the family that we have not known before. Perhaps someday we can afford to go to Sweden and meet some of them!

On another note, Peanut had her hernia operation yesterday and is less groggy and more mobile this morning. I gave her a pain pill this morning. That was delightful news to me when I found out that animals got pain medication for their operations! She also had a shot before she woke up after the operation.

Of course animal care is BIG business now, but it’s been 13 years since I had a dog have surgery of any kind. I found out about the pain medication when Joy’s dog, Tasha, had her spay surgery, but had forgotten until sister Candy mentioned it to me.

Peanut is able to walk, eat and drink without too many wobbles, but she cannot do stairs right now. I also have to be careful picking her up so I don’t grab her incision.

It’s a beautiful day – 55º and just misting … you have a beautiful day!

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Kati said...

Connie, just to let you know, *wink* I'm offline till Thursday night or Friday. Just recalling your post the other day, and I let my "group" know, and I'm letting you know too. Just having our computer debugged, and won't get it back till late Thursday or Friday. LOL

Blessings. --Kati

(Fantastic, btw, finding a new member of the family to add to your crew!!! Just starting to get into the geneological stuff, myself, and it's incredible what one finds when one scratches the surface!)