Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tree planting day!

Today we went over to Sister Candy’s to get some mulberry trees. They have at least one hundred of them in the grove and yard they want to get rid of. They are going to keep the best of the bigger ones, however, so they aren’t getting rid of all of them.

Norm and Wayne dug up about twelve of the little ones to plant for the beginning of our east windbreak. Mulberries are good trees to have to encourage the birds, which is one of the biggest reasons I chose them for our windbreak.

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Wayne and Norm digging the trees

David met Candy for the first time – I have been singing praises about both of them to each other; they sat and talked about archeological thingies. David had met Wayne yesterday when he and Norm went to an auction in the next town.

We got our trees home for Norm and David to plant – I went in to make French Onion soup for supper. It’s amazing how late it feels, even now, since it was pitch dark at six o’clock.

The tree planting was quite an experience for David, he tells me. One of our little red hens helped him plant the trees, and pecked him when she thought his hand was food.

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David planting with the hen's help

Norm also had an experience with HIS little red hen that followed him. He was digging the holes and putting the trees in for David to pack in. The little red hen was pecking at the edge of the hole and fell IN! Norm said she had a surprised look on her face and jumped out quickly, fluttering away. I guess she was afraid that he would put her back in the hole!

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Norm digging holes for the trees
We have three red hens left from our original four – they like people and will follow someone around when they can, hoping for food and attention.

So now our trees are planted … not very tall, as you can see, but the beginning of a windbreak for the bitter east winds that we can so often have.

It seems to be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day.


The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Are they all the female tree which produces the berry or are there males too? Can you tell the difference when they are that small? just wondering about the silly details.I love the picture of David and his lil' red hen. He has such an organic look to him sitting on the ground in the golden grass(?) with the hen. He has a look of care to his face. Sorry, its just a thinking moment picture that caught my attention and made me go hmmmm.

happyowl said...

When the tree's grow, it will be beautiful. A lot of work but seems worth the effort. The chickens are too cute!

Brightest blessings