Monday, October 30, 2006

Old friend, new neighbor

Yesterday, Norm came home from Church with news that he met an old friend of mine. Jody was my Sheltie’s groomer when we lived in Shakopee. She groomed Meggie for several years, then sold her salon. We continued to have Meggie groomed there until we left to move here. Jody also was a spinning student of mine.

Jody is moving down to Storden sometime soon. She and Don have bought some land, moved on a house and are preparing to retire here. Don is a metal sculpture-ist, if that is the word.

She and Don came over today to see me and our place. We had a lovely visit and renewed our friendship. We are both excited that she will eventually move down here permanently.

On another note, Katie came and stole David from us. I tried locking the door and windows and throwing myself at her to stop, but he actually went willingly (sigh). Even in the middle of a harp song, too! But, he had promised Wally to help cut wood for the winter, so he had to go! It was great having him here for the short time he was. And he promises to come back sometime soon. Katie will take him back to the cities this weekend, but we hope to go up there and collect him again for another long (longer) visit.

And on another note (yes, Heather, *I* can change subjects often, too), it was 73º here this afternoon, then the wind changed and it dropped drastically. It is now 32º, but it dropped over 20 degrees in less than two hours. The wind is whipping wildly, about 30 miles an hour and howling most drastically!!

And the stupid corn stove STILL isn’t working!!! Anyone want a cheap corn stove? I’m about ready to throw it into the trash!!

It’s going to be a windy, cold day tomorrow .. you have a beautiful day!!

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happyowl said...

WOW... to find an old friend and actually have them coming to live so close to you. That is so great!

LOL... I'm glad it's not just me that switches topics(usually at a rapid fire pace).

I hope you get your corn stove working. It sounds like your going to need it!

Try to stay warm and not get wind swept.

Brightest blessings