Sunday, October 15, 2006


We is famous! Well, at least my girls are! I was reading the November/December Countryside (yes, I know I'm running late on my reading) when I came to an article on "Welcome to My Homestead."

On page 82, there is a cute picture of two cute girls. WAIT!! Those are Ashley and Jessica, holding their favorite hens!

I had forgotten I sent that picture in a few months ago. So it was a surprise for me, but a total surprise for Norm ... he didn't know I had sent the picture in.

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What a beautiful addition to a beautiful day ... you have a beautiful day!


Sonia said...

Great photos!

Kati said...

Too cute!!!! That's a great pic!

happyowl said...

Wow what a surprise! The picture is beautiful.

Brightest blessings