Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Looking for a grain mill / corn cracker!

I believe I once mentioned that I can get organic grains for the chickens. Our neighbor, who supplies us with corn for the corn stove, raises organic small grains.

Unfortunately, my chickens don’t LIKE whole grains! They walk over the rye (looks like we will have rye growing next spring in the hen yard!) and ignore it. But I did test cracked rye and they will eat it!!! Strange birds!

So I have been cracking some corn and rye together with our lovely hand crank, antique corn grinder. But I do not have the strength to keep up with the amount that needs to be ground each day.

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Well, I am looking for an electric one that is affordable!! I have found one at The Country Baker … one called the “Family Mill.” It can be used by hand or by electric motor. The contact person I talked to said she used it for cracking corn.

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Most of the ones I have looked at are for flour and don’t do the extra coarse for cracking. And most are non-electric. Now, I am all for saving on electricity and other forms of energy, but I need to save MY energy and my hands for ‘more important’ things (like spinning and typing). So I need an electric mill.

Norm is going to see if he can hook our lovely antique to an electric motor (we actually have one!). If he can, then I’ll not order one. If he can’t, soon I will have an electric grinder to crack that rye the chickens won’t eat. And I will order more grains from our neighbor.

Anyone know of any other kind of electric grinder or mill that would work?

It is 30ยบ out and changing from sleet to snow to rain to dry. Poor little Peanut says it’s too cold to go out! But it is a beautiful fall day, non-the-less. You have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

I don't know anything about grain mills/ grinders but we had snow here today as well. I was walking home( with the baby after dropping my daughter off at school) and we had to do a "happy it's snowing dance".... lol. The drivers going past must have thought I was crazy but I love the first snow fall. It's after 4 or 5 months of shovelling that I get sick of it.

I hope Peanut learns to love the cold and snow.

Brightest blessings


Anonymous said...

We have a cast iron corn cracker about 3 feet high and four feet long. It will more than crack enough corn for your chickens. In the past it was used to crack corn for cattle. All it need is a power take off on a tractor.

It is heavy, but we no longer need it.

J & T

Connie Peterson said...

J&T - how do I get in touch with you? You left no email or any contact information.

Please email me. Thanks.