Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Heat and Hummingbirds

OH! Lordy, it’s hot!! It’s been 84º for two days running and is supposed to be almost as hot, today! Strange weather for October!!! In the 70s is normal, but not this hot!!

It’s hard for me to function when it’s hot. I just want to hibernate in the basement where it’s cool. But I should be packing and planning for our next grand trip.

Wednesday we leave for Albert Lea, MN, for a rendezvous / school group event. This is a humungous bunch of people ranging from Clan Tartan (early Scottish history) to post Civil War groups. We are honored to be asked to demonstrate this year with this group. We will be living in our tent until Sunday night, when we tear down and head home again.

I have to plan meals and I am not used to this: our longest events, so far, has been two days, and there is a chance I can convince Norm to go out for one meal. We have the stove ready to go and I can cook on that, if it isn’t too hot out. But if it is hot, then I need to cook on the open fire.

So I am taking ………… canned buffalo, for stew (canned by Katie and I); canned moose (canned by Katie and I), for stew (hope it’s not too much stew); canned steak soup that I canned last winter; canned spagehetti – I will break up the noodles, cook them, drain the water and add the sauce to the cooked noodles; frozen chili. Do I want to take a chicken? Nah! Let’s keep it simple here!

Breakfast? Oh, lordy! How about my favorite – hot dogs – and Norm can have cold cereal? Do I really want to do bacon and eggs and toast or waffles? (I have that lovely “new” waffle iron to try out!) We have to be ready for school kids at the ungodly hour of 9:00!!!

Don’t forget snacks --- they promised box lunches for the demonstrators, but I don’t want to bank on that, so something to eat just in case. Olive dip, gotta make that --- beef log and crackers and cheese.

Then there’s the dishes, and the pans, and the staples – butter, bacon, salt, pepper, bisquick mix for waffles, dumplings, biscuits if we want. Flour for thickening stews, eggs …. Why am I typing instead of packing?

Food for Peanut – her crate, her blanket, her leash, a water dish.

Oh, yes, water buckets! And fire wood (now we’re into Norm’s list) ..

You would think we were going to be gone for 6 months!

And I haven’t even started on the clothes – will it rain or will it be hot? Gotta take two sets of clothes … and enough for 4 days!

Will I have enough wool to spin for that long? Do I have enough embroidery or knitting to keep my hands busy during slack times?

You’d think we’d never done this before …….. well, no, not to this extent!!! I certainly hope the event meets our expectations. Friend Katie (who has been at Albert Lea for too many years to count) warned me that this one is a toughie of an event .. and she has done bigger, longer ones.

BUT (and a BIG but!) amongst all this hectic-ness and planning, there was a moment of quiet and peace and awe.

I was talking to Katie on the phone, enjoying some shade in the outside heat when I saw a hummingbird … yes, a really, truly live female ruby-throat! She was sucking nectar from my honeysuckle that is climbing on the dead tree that Norm and the girls staked back up for me. I took several pictures, but she is hidden in the leaves. Trust me, she is THERE!! A little late, I would think, for this area, so I think she came as a sign that all would be well, we would make it with few problems and enjoy the event as it is meant to be enjoyed.

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It will be a beautiful, cooler day today – you have a beautiful day!

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Kati said...

Wow!!!! 84 deg. sounds sooooo good right now. Winter has started for us.

Dang, all that packing just to go work for 4 days?!?!?! ;) Ah, but you always have such fabulous pictures to share. I hope you have a blast, and that it's comfortably warm, but not overly so.

To answer your question, "Heely's" are the tennisshoes with wheels in the heel that a lot of kids are gliding around on, these days. They're really popular around here with the 7 to 12 crew. Most of the girls on my dd's hockey teams for the last couple of years have had them, my DD finally got her first pair after 2 years of asking. But, at $74 that was the only b-day present she got this year. ;)

Have a fantastic, safe trip!!!! Hope you get to post lots of pics when you get back!!!