Friday, October 13, 2006

Foolish you!

So you think Friday the 13th is a bunch of malarkey? Mmmwwwwaahahahahahaaaaa! Take a tip from me.

Be prepared, be VERY prepared!!

Step number one …. Make SURE you pay your internet service bill before the deadline! Because I was gone, I was slack in getting the check out. Federated Wildblue kicks you off 3 days (THREE DAYS) after the deadline! I had to call and pay an extra month with my credit card to get back on line today!

Step number two …. Make sure your computer will re-boot when you shut it down. Mine was acting up (and you say the 13th isn’t jinxed?) and it took about 6 times to finally have it come up in SAFE MODE … then got it re-booted to normal. Whew!

Step number three …. Don’t go to the vet and find out that your precious little pup has a hernia and has to have an operation on Monday.

Note to self: NEXT Friday the 13th, don’t even get out of bed!

Tomorrow is the 14th and safer … you have a safe, beautiful day tomorrow!


Kati said...

Oh no, Connie, I'm so sorry you had so much go wrong today!!!! Fri. 13th has never been a bad day for me, it really kinda cracks me up when people truly do have a hard time on Fri. 13th, but I'm still sorry that you did. Worst that happened to me is I misplaced my wallet twice (first time had to run back to the house for it, so DD & I could get ice-cream, second time I got out of the car at the ice-cream place only to have to climb back in for the wallet which had landed on the passenger seat instead of inside the purse) and I forgot a couple of items at the grocery store (half & half for tonight's clam chowder, and bagels). My memory's shot, today, but the rest of the day went well.

I can't belive the internet provider wouldn't just take the check & be done with it. Our provider (whom we also use for our cell phone's and home phone service) is great about working things out like that. I hope your PC stops acting up on you, as well.


Viktoria said...

Hi there!

I am Viktoria in Sweden, the one that Delphia, Thelma and Claudia visited last summer. My dad and you husband are second cousins. I got your address from Delphia and I just wanted to check you blog and say hi.

Hope you are having a much better Saturday than yesterday on Friday 13th. It's evening here in Sweden right now and it's getting cold. We are having a wonderful fall with beautiful weather. Sunny and warm daytime, but with the cold nights I can feel that winter is soon coming.

Love Viktoria