Friday, October 27, 2006

The end of the week

Well, it’s Friday! Where does time go?

It’s been quite a week …

Monday, of course, was taken up with the trip home from Rapid City.

Tuesday was busy with catching up on energy, mail and email. Also catching up on cuddle time with Peanut. She has gotten into the habit of running to the top of the stairs (to the basement/ family room) and hoping I will join her. Most of our cuddle time is in the recliner while I nap or watch TV.

Wednesday was laundry – it takes two of us to get that done. My lovely wringer washer has finally broken the wringer, so Norm has to help me wring the clothes out so it doesn’t take six weeks to dry them on the line! However, we do put the whites in the dryer after they have hung most of the day; because they start out so wet, they don’t get dry before dark!

Thursday was Sam’s Club day. We live one and a half hours from Mankato, which is the closest Sam’s Club, so it’s a big event. Candy, Norm and I went (Wayne was busy with electricians at their house) and spent the whole day shopping.

Norm bought us a new toilet (romantic and wonderful, isn’t he?) .. we need a new one on the main floor. He also allowed me to buy a new shower head for the basement shower – this one is a fun one that will rise up high enough so he doesn’t have to bend down to wash his hair. And I got a new kitchen faucet, with a sprayer (woo hoo!!).

We also stopped at Michaels’ ..a hobby / “toy” store to talk about framing a picture. I got a lovely 1875 print that Candy is going to help me frame and preserve. We ordered an acid free mat; Norm and Candy both have frames, so will see if there is one that works. Otherwise we will buy a frame for the picture. It is SUPPOSED to be 1875, at least. I would love to find the name of the artist, but there is no signature on the print.

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The rest was groceries – but we don’t plan on hitting Sam’s for at least another 3 months, so this is stuff to hopefully last us the winter and we will only need to get fresh things at the grocery store.

Got home in time for Katie and friend David to come for supper. David (my Rendezvous friend, remember?) is staying here for awhile and has been staying with Katie since Monday – he came home with her to hang around the area and help both families with odds and ends.

Today – a lovely 67º and no breeze until just recently. Norm and David have been working on the last little bit of the roof. I let the chickens out to graze on grass and dig in the garden. Did they like that? Is grass green?

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Chickens in the garden

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David, painting the finished part of the roof
We also paced off and dug the first bit of hole for trees. This weekend we will go over to Candy’s and get mulberry trees (they have at least 100 of them in their grove) to start a wind break on the east side of the place.

So, it’s been busy, like I said. Tonight we will start the portable grill I purchased at Big Island and grill steaks for supper, then watch a movie. I am trying a NetFlix deal to see if it really works as well as I think it will. We have “A Prairie Home Companion” tonight – I’m anxious to see it, as I love listening to it on Saturdays.

On another note, have you subscribed to Carla Lynne’s weekly newsletter? It’s full of newsy, homesteady information and a “good read.” Pop over to her place and sign up if you haven’t, already.

It was a beautiful day, today. It will be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day!

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The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

That picture is just lovely! I see you when I look at it. I see a spinning grandma with her much loved and adored grandaughters playing at her feet.