Sunday, October 01, 2006

Consider me eight!

Jessica turned eight yesterday – the 30th of September. She and Ashley were here for three days to enjoy the farm, the chickens, the trees and apples and us. (We enjoyed them, too!)

Jessica told friend Katie that she was almost eight. She said “Consider me eight because my birthday is so close!”

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Even almost eight year olds need to take naps,
especially with little dogs

We took the girls home on Friday for the family birthday party. Then came back home on Saturday morning because of a demonstration we had Saturday afternoon.

On the way to Burnsville, Jessica was singing “It’s my birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! ----------- Tomorrow!” Yesterday morning she sang “It’s my birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! TODAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!”

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We had the traditional pizza for supper, a lovely cake and candles and presents. Jessica is such a delightful child and makes even the most simple of gifts the most exciting in the whole world.

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Ashley was singing Happy Birthday through a piece of wax paper

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Now Jessica has a fleece throw like Ashley's

It is hard to believe that our blue-eyed baby is eight years old! And hard to believe that eight years ago her Grandmother Lang left us – Charlene’s funeral was just a few days before Jessica Charlene Lang was born. One life has to leave this world to allow one life to come into this world. I am told that Jessica is very much like her grandmother in many ways.

Yesterday morning we hugged the girls with extra goodbyes as they will be leaving this weekend to go back to Florida until Thanksgiving. Then headed out to Bingham Lake, a small town east of Windom. Our llama friends had asked me to demonstrate spinning llama fiber.

It blossomed into Candy weaving a wall hanging, Norm carving and selling spoons and me spinning. It was a delightful day except for the Asian beetles that were coming in out of the soybean fields with a vengeance and the little “no-see-ums” that bite both Candy and I, also with a vengeance. It doesn’t matter how much we cover up, they manage to get inside our clothing, as well. For me, Claritin and Sarna are the only things that sooth the itches and swelling.

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" Autumn under the Maple Tree"
Peanut and Goldie had gone with us to Burnsville, so they joined us at the llama farm; Goldie slept in the back of the pickup (with topper) and Peanut alternated sleeping in her crate or sitting on my lap. She added interest to our demonstration as many would fondly remember amini-dachshund of their own or a family member.

It was a long but fun day with plans for next year already in place!! It looks to be a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

A happy birthday to your little sweety!!! Saturday was a good day for birthdays. My little sweety turned 9.

Sorry your fun day was marred by the bugs, but it sounds like it was an otherwise fantastic day.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the wall hanging.

Belated Happy Birthday to Jessica!!!



happyowl said...

Happy Birthday to Jessica! She is so sweet, what a lucky Grandma you are to have those two darling girls.

Brightest blessings