Tuesday, October 31, 2006

By Jove, I think we’ve got it!

The corn stove seems to be working! It’s been burning for over an hour now.


Norm has gotten a new motor, a new vacuum thingie, new connections, he’s taken the fire box apart and cleaned the brick and air holes.

But the most important thing was the stove pipe. He took it apart and found three (THREE) dead sparrows stuck and stuffed inside, blocking most of the smoke from going out!

AH HAAA!! The light began to shine!

So, finally, we have the corn stove going. Hopefully it will run all night and begin to do the work it is intended to do …. Keep this house warm without propane!!!

And, on another note, almost as exciting, we have the studio floor done as much as it is going to be for the time being. The Barrister’s bookcase is in place (thank you, Dad) and the wool cabinet is, also. Now to put the books and magazines away and put the wool in the cupboard. The doors need to be repaired and put on, properly, but that can wait for another day.

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So, my studio is starting to shape up and I should be able to either find room for everything or throw it.

It’s 21º right now, so I’m glad the corn stove is working – making noise, which is something I’d rather not have, but heating the house, none-the-less. Tomorrow should be a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day.


happyowl said...

I love the floor and bookcases. The room is looking good!

I'm glad to hear that the stove is working again but poor sparrows :0(

Brightest blessigs


Carla Lynne said...

That is awesome, Grandma! Now a place to put your treasures and wool away...

Ya think the sparrows were causing the problems? Do the pipes have a fitting/rooftop kit to prevent animals from getting in?

And where is Matilda? Will she be sitting pretty in your new studio? :-)

Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

What is a corn stove?