Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A surprisingly good trip!

Candy and I arrived home late last night after having a great time the past few days. We arrived Sunday afternoon to Joy’s house to find, in the driveway, a car that was supposed to be in Florida, children’s driveway toys and then two screaming little girls coming running out of the house!! A great surprise!

Ken’s brother was in the cities from California, so the kids came home to be with him. Seems like everyone knew that the family would be there but me. I suspected, but wasn’t sure until I saw the car! But was truly surprised, anyway.

We had a great time; Jill and Eric came over for dinner and we had a table full of nine people.

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Jill and girls playing a silly "poker" game

The next day we went pet shopping with Peanut and Candy’s dog Cricket. The girls had a great time helping to chose a harness for Peanut, coats for both dogs, and treats.

We got home to plan the rest of our day; Norm called to say that I was mistaken about the doctor’s appointment – it was Tuesday, not Monday (not surprising … I often make that mistake), so we had lunch, had naps or rests and then went fiber shopping. Yarn for Joy to knit sweaters for our little girls (the four legged ones), cotton thread for Candy to crochet some things for her daughter, Brook, fleece to make pillows and blankets for Peanut.

Joy had a meeting Monday night, so the girls baby-sat Candy and I. We ended up not watching a movie or even playing card games, but sitting and cuddling and talking and telling stories about our childhoods. Joy came home and joined us. Then the girls ‘camped out’ in the family room and slept in sleeping bags on the floor next to the sofa I was sleeping on.

On Tuesday we headed to Shakopee, where we stopped at a Quilt Shop – Eagle Creek is a shop that was started by two women, at Historic Murphy’s Landing before our tragic fire in 2005. The two moved the business to a train depot; picked up from the fire and never looked back. They have remained friends with us, especially Norm, who had helped them get their first shop up and running (before the fire). Candy wanted to see what they had for rug hooking; she fell in love with needle punch and got some material and a needle to try that. I told her I thought it was miniature rug hooking. Then to a great Chinese buffet for lunch and the doctor’s office.

I won’t bore you with my two hour visit, but I did try to convince my doctor to move to Windom. (“Great place to raise children!”)

After that, we headed to Detta Spindle, where this amazing woman has a shop in her house. She has thousands (well, maybe not THAT many) of wheels to chose from. I ordered a rigid heddle for Katie’s loom (she paid $5 for the loom) and got a drop spindle for me… a cool one that I can actually use easily. She also showed me what I was doing wrong on my drum carder, which I plan on practicing soon. And I fell in love with a dream wheel … this looks like an 19th century wheel from Scandinavia and spins heavenly! Candy fell in love with an Irish Castle Wheel (and she doesn’t even spin – YET!) … So we are both starting funds to get our dream wheels. Want to donate??

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My dream wheel, a Kromski Polinaise

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Irish Castle Wheel -
story is that with so many children running around the house,
the wheel was put up high to keep children from playing with it!

A great few days, but we need to do it again!!! Next time, Orchid houses and more fiber places!!!

It’s a beautiful day – 61º and sunny. You have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, looks like the girls will soon be at the 'too cool to be photographed' stage!

I hope your doctor visit went well.