Sunday, September 24, 2006

The sun is shining!

First time we’ve seen the sun for about four days!! It will be a wonderfully dry day for an auction. There is an auction about ten miles from us and Norm has his eye on a “Jari” mower. This is a hand held sickle-bar mower that you walk behind to cut grass and weeds. We had one back in South Dakota; we cut about ten acres of hay each year and put it up with wooden hay rakes and pitchforks. This one, should we get it, will be for cutting down thistles and burdock in the grove and possibly putting our own hay up.

Candy and Wayne are going to join us at the auction – which will make it double fun. You can’t go anywhere with Wayne and not have fun! And just being with Candy is heart-warming as well as fun.

Speaking of Candy, she came yesterday for her second lesson in weaving and took the loom home. This is a small ten inch loom that has only two harnesses – she has learned to warp and dress it and is now in the process of making placemats with one-half inch strips of calico material. Once she gets this done, she will decide if she wants to borrow one of my bigger looms to work on or get one of her own. She loves rugs and wants to make them in all kinds of ways. She already hooks rugs, has learned “locker hooking,” is learning wagon-wheel weaving and wants, now, to do some on a loom. I think she’s addicted to rugs!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The white is the wastage header that brings the warp together for weaving - the pink and white is the header for the placemat and the greenish color is the material for the main body of the placemat. As you can see, she has chosen a white warp with pink strips to accent the pink on the green patterned material.

Lovely little Peanut is worming her way deeper into my heart. She loves to sit near me and snooze while I’m embroidering or watching TV or napping. She sleeps next to my feet while I’m on the computer. Yesterday she found a blanket on the floor (surprise) and napped while Candy and I were both weaving – and stayed there while I worked on another six inches of my table runner that seems to never get done!! Peanut does NOT like rain and does NOT like her tummy wet in long grass, so getting her outside for potty time has been a struggle. However, I have made her some liver treats to encourage her. Also, Wayne had suggested hot dogs as treats, so I made them first. She loves both and would probably jump through a burning hoop for one. This has allowed me to take her outside without a lead on – she comes when I call because she knows I have a treat in my pocket. She also gets a treat when she pottys, which encourages her to go outside, not in (remember, this was a breeder, so she probably spent most of her life in a kennel and didn’t have to be house-broken).

Hot dog treats for dogs:

Slice hot dogs into quarter-inch thickness
Bake or microwave until crunchy and dry but not crisp.
Give one to the dog for a treat and watch your fingers!

Liver treats for dogs

Raw liver, cut into approximately fist size pieces (small fist)
Simmer in water with garlic powder sprinkled in until the liver is no longer pink
Drain and cut into pinkie size (or smaller) pieces
Bake in the oven at two-hundred fifty degrees for about thirty minutes until soft and dry but not crispy or crunchy.
These can be frozen, stored in the fridge or put in a cupboard. They are dry enough to put in your pocket. Again, watch your fingers! I am trying to get Peanut to take them gently so I don’t lose a finger!

It will be a beautifully sunny day today – you have a beautiful day!

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