Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Setting up day

I lied!

I told everyone that there were no bees at the State Fair! Well, not so, this year!! They are everywhere! And also flies! Also everywhere .. I understand that the Fair people sprayed, but evidentially the bees and flies are immune to the sprays they use. Imagine that!

There were bunches and bunches in the cabin when we first opened it up this morning, so I was not allowed to go in for awhile. I stayed outside and helped get stuff out of the truck to go in.

Today was cleaning day – we (actually, Katie and Takara) washed the loft area and then I helped wash the main floor. It’s the cleanest the cabin has been for years. During the off season, it’s used for storage of benches and signs and all kinds of things that are used during the fair. Usually we just sweep, but this year decided to wash the floors down. Much nicer and fresh smelling.

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Inside the cabin, facing east

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Upstairs, facing west

Then we put things in and are almost ready for tomorrow. I would like to post this tonight but I cannot get good service. There are several computers up but I am too far away, I guess, to get a good connection. I even called my good friend, Chris, who sold me the computer, and he couldn’t help, either. I am doing the right thing, just am not close enough to connect. And we cannot move the trailer, like he suggested!

Oh, well, I will post these, with pictures, when I get back and you all will have to suffer with massive downloads of stuff or ignore, your choice.

They expect about two million people at the fair this year. That means, even though the Heritage Square is a ‘secret’ – so few actually know it’s there, that we will have thousands of people going through our cabin. Which means we will have mega people every day, walking through and asking dumb questions. But, that’s what we are here for, right? To educate and entertain in the same space in time.

It looks to be a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!

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