Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First post from the State Fair ..

Well, we got to the Fairgrounds in fine time yesterday! We pulled into the campground and found our spot. Backing up the camper to it’s place was difficult; I am glad that Katie was doing the work. I am NOT a backer-upper! But she got it in place, in time, and we started to open the camper. Somehow a latch that holds the camper down got popped back up into lock position and as Takara was cranking the camper up, we heard a pop. Something inside one of the uprights had broken!

After struggling with the thing, we discovered that the upright would not hold upright! We had the help of a very nice young man who volunteered his muscles to help and we used a pole from the period kitchen camp fly to hold the corner up. It took a while, but we finally got the camper up and “running.”

Then to the Entertainment office (we are technically “Entertainment” and hired by that department) to get the key to the cabin. We are now in charge of the cabin
and will be so until we return the key and get our check at the end of the Fair. And then to the grocery store to get a few groceries and duct tape. Because the camper is a little “kitty-wonkus” we needed to tape the canvas to the door to keep the rain, wind and pokey faces from coming in!

A lovely supper of sandwiches, salad and chips. Our planned meal of venison roast and potatoes went out the window when we discovered that neither one of us had checked the propane level … we have no propane to run the stove! So that’s another thing that Norm needs to bring tomorrow – how fortunate that he is following us by a few days because of the long list of things we have discovered he needs to bring .. like another camp pole to replace the one we are using for the camper … we need our kitchen fly to stand up properly!

Last night we had a rainstorm with wind and lighting and the whole nine yards! It is pleasant, for awhile, to listen to rain on a tent roof, but it went on and on and on. Our “wagon gauge” said about half an inch, but if felt and sounded like more! (Wagon gauge – we have a “Red Flyer” wagon to haul all our stuff when we walk to the cabin each morning. It was sitting next to the camper and caught the rain as it fell. My towel and washcloth that I hung under my bed to dry are not dry this morning for some reason!

So, now, up-and-at-em – time to head to the cabin and start cleaning and setting up. If we can just get Takara out of bed!! And if I can just get my wireless to connect. It SAYS I am connected but I’m not getting anything for service.

But, it looks like a beautiful day … you have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

First day sounds fun! Keep going Connie. Also, your new additon to the family was great to read about.

Kati said...

Wow.... reading down from the top it sounds like you had an busy, grand time. Sorry to hear about some of the stupid questions/comments that you had to deal with. Never ceases to amaze me, how dumb some people are. (I had a patron come up to me at work the other night asking if we had any books, and not just books but INTERESTING books.... Standing in the middle of the stacks at my library. Talk about "stupid questions". I sent her to the reference desk then about died trying to laugh silently.)

As for the grieving girl, it sounds like you gave her a good sturdy shoulder to cry upon, and I'm hoping she feels better for it. You are an incredibly sweet woman. Glad to hear that y'all are home, safe & sound, and had such a nice visit with your "family."