Friday, September 08, 2006

Fireworks and goodbye

Well, this pretty much wraps up what was going on for twelve days at the Fair. The total amount of people at the Great Minnesota Get-Together was about one million six hundred thousand! Less than they had anticipated but a lot of people, non the less! The top day hit one hundred ninety three thousand! A LOT of people in one place! Especially for a small-town girl like I have been most of my life.

We are grateful that most of them never find Heritage Square – it’s too small an area for that many people. Most of the vendors, though, had a pretty good run and were happy with their total sales.

We have fireworks every night after the grandstand concert. I have never cared for them because they start off about the time I am just about asleep in my bed. But the last night they shoot them off at 9:00, closing time for the vendors and the end of the fair. We all stand in the yard and watch the fireworks go off, cheer for the beautiful ones and cheer the end of the fair.

We walked around and said goodbye to everyone before we headed home for bed. We tear down on Tuesday, but some tear down on Monday night so they don’t have to come back.

Tuesday morning we picked David up, went to a nice leisurely breakfast at a non-State Fair restaurant, then tore the camper down, hooked it to the pickup, checked out of the campground and headed to the Square to tear down the cabin. Everything except a corner cupboard and a stove are ours and have to be stuffed into the pickup somehow.

This year was a little different, as I had a car to help with the packing. Daughter Jill and son-in-law Eric are moving to Seattle (sigh) in October, so they gave me their second car, a Buick, to use and have ready for them to use when they come home to visit. With David’s help, I got everything of mine in the car except one chair, a table and one small loom. So Katie’s truck was not as stuffed as normal.

This year, also, I was more antsy to get going, as I had made arrangements to go look at a Dachshund on the way home. We got finished about 3:30. I said goodbye to Katie (for a while), took David home and headed to Faribault, where I would meet the foster mom and Peanut, the Dachshund.

Some of you might know that I was looking for another small dog after Meggie died this Spring. I finally decided I ‘needed’ a miniature dachshund. I started looking on line to see if I could find a rescue one.

I firmly believe that I, personally, should adopt a rescue dog rather than get a puppy. Puppies are adorable, surely, but there are way too many dogs out there that need a loving home that may never do so.

Of course, ‘mini-doxies’ are not in the general group of dogs having a hard time finding a home. Usually it’s hard to find a ‘doxie’ to put in your home. But I had found one on the net before the State Fair. Circumstances were that she was adopted while I was at the Fair. Her foster mom called me with the sad news. But she called me back in a week to say the adopter had returned Peanut because the gal was NOT a dog person and didn’t like having to be responsible for one.

So I headed down, found the foster mom, talked to her, played with Peanut and popped her into the crate I had borrowed from Joy. Although Joy is in Florida, they still have their house in the Cities and had one of Tasha’s crates there. I had been so confident I would get Peanut that I had brought a small piece of furry fleece to put in the bottom of the crate!

We now have a lovely little eight pound “doxie” and she is delightful. This picture is the one that was on the Net … I have not taken one of her since we got home.

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We are heading, today, to Pepin, Wisconsin, for Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, and are taking Peanut. We do not have enough room to take Goldie, unfortunately, but sister Candy will be caring for her as well as the chickens.

It looks to be a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Amey said...

I enjoyed reading about your fair adventures. Hope your weekend goes smoothly!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful.



happyowl said...

Peanut is too sweet! I loved hearing about the fair, thank you for sharing.

Brightest blessings


Leslie Shelor said...

I enjoyed my visit to the fair with you! What a wonderful and often moving experience. Looking forward to hearing lots more about Peanut; what a sweet face!

Sonia said...

Peanut looks adorable!