Monday, September 25, 2006


Norm and I have been talking for quite a while about putting a blog up for his spoons …. So I have begun it! Here is the link to “Norm’s Nook.” There will be more spoons put on for you to look at as time goes by. I have to get them spread out and photographed, first. And he has them scattered from here to Kingdom Come!

Yesterday was the first day without any rain for five days. A wonderfully warm day, but cool in the shade. Candy, Wayne, Norm and I went to the auction – this was a farm one, as the couple had sold the farm and moved to a retirement home of some kind.

Ladies!!! (And Gents, too!) Be careful of what you keep! This was soooooooo junky, in my mind!! The auctioneer was begging people to buy boxes of junk for a $1.00!! I got some lovely stuff, but they were combining boxes so I also got junk. A wooden stand of some kind that might (maybe) hold a plate with a cup beside it? Some plastic dolls that will either go to the second hand store or to the grandchildren. There were coffee tables that didn’t sell cause they were in such bad shape. A dishwasher that didn’t work that they used to store things. She even had a box of empty yarn cones … couldn’t even burn them! Norm threw one plaque away in their dumpster because it was so ugly, but it was put in with a lovely pie plate that I wanted (for a $1.00). I wanted some flower decorated bowls that will be perfect for pasta bowls, but had to take some milk white dishes – a very partial set… 3 berry bowls, 1 saucer, 2 desert plates.

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New Pasta dishes

However, I DID get some treasures… a cast iron waffle iron, a cast iron Norwegian dumpling pan (now I need a recipe), several crocks, a wonderful clock. Norm got another ‘sad’ iron and holder.

Candy and I had numbers right next to each other (mine was 109, hers was 108). It was confusing to the auctioneers at times. Normally you hold your number card up to show what number you are. But our auctioneers are very good at remembering numbers … John had mine down before I had bid on 3 things! Candy’s was a little longer because she didn’t start bidding for a while. At one time, Candy was picking up a crockery jug (“Little Brown Jug, how I love thee!”) and the teller thought it was my number. John corrected her and said “108 … they are sisters!!” Got a laugh and the teller never got us wrong again. (One way to tell us apart is our hair – she usually wears hers down, I usually have mine up.)

It is amazing to me how much alike we are, though. We got nearly the same thing at the cast iron – crock table. We had to agree which waffle iron we wanted so we didn’t bid against each other. Same with the crocks.

Now, I normally don’t get cast iron or crocks at an auction .. they are so expensive, normally, but can go higher in the heat of battle at an auction. However, there were not antique dealers there – the prices were phenomenally cheap! We got more crocks, both of us, than we had planned on getting, just because of the price.

I heard the owners talking (why did they come to their own auction? I wouldn’t have!) asking each other “Where were the antique dealers that bid against us when we bought these?” So they must have bought them for future gain … they certainly had a lot of each! Candy and I, both, however, bought ours to use .. it will take a bit of time, as I hadn’t planned on so many – got 3 crocks and a jug for Norm – but they will be used!! I think I’ll use one for my homemade Bisquick when we go to the next demonstration, as I will be cooking for 5 days, and want to make waffles on our new waffle iron, as well as make dumplings for our soups that we’ll have most nights.

Anyway, we had a great time – tired, though – my knees hurt from too much standing – and sitting didn’t help them, either. Didn’t get the little dry sink I wanted, or the wash stand or the little dresser; Norm didn’t get his mower he wanted … those went higher than we wanted to go!

Here’s a picture of my lovely new clock --- will have to research and see just how old it might be!

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It looks to be another beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Grandma Rosie said...

i love auctions. But antiques here in the Wild West are not as common as they are in places that were settled earlier. They get pretty exspensive. Most auctions here are items people have gone north and bought to bring back just for auction. Wouldn't I love to do that? Can't wait to see Norm's site.!

lee said...

hi there ,I've been looking for people who are into "old stuff" -and I noticed after reading your post that we quoted the same little brown jug song :).Would you mind having a look at a jug on my blog and letting me know if you know anything as to how old it might be? I'm just curious.I only paid a dollar for it so it was a bargain regardless.