Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day one … storms!

Normally day one is a pretty nice day .. but Joe, the manager of grounds at Heritage Square, came around with warnings of hail, winds, tornadoes, rain, all kinds of nasty weather! But as the day wore on, it looked like the weather would pass us by.

Norm showed up about noon from home. He had, in our new truck, bunches of things that we kept calling and saying we forgot, plus his shave horse and tools and spoons and things.

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Norm oiling the new ice box

Also, David came – he goes by “Bayun” (that’s not how you spell it, but how you pronounce it - it's Celtic ... I will get his spelling later). He portrays a Scotsman, does lovely bone and horn work and plays many stringed instruments.

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David playing the "reabec"

We started to get rains about 3:00, but just “normal” downpours. People started going home and about 5:00, David looked northwest and said “Oh, oh!” The sky was green and the winds were starting to pick up.

We had winds and rain and ended up with about 3” of the stuff. No hail, no tornados, thank goodness, but lots of rain. Many people went home early but a lot of them just hid in buildings, mostly the grandstand, and came out when the rains stopped. We closed our doors and had supper by candlelight (Katie is a great cook).

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Downstairs, facing west, before the storm

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West side of the cabin

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Inside the cabin from the west

So, all in all, the first day was an exciting day. I still don’t have service … the servers keep popping in and out, but I will try every day. You have a beautiful day.

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