Thursday, August 10, 2006


I have another caterpillar! Norm brought home some dill weed yesterday and this little bugger was on a dill weed.

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Now, last week, I went to pick Norm up at Shalom Hill Farm (a retreat for church folks where he works part time). Their dill is going mad (which is why I got some) and there were bunches of these guys on the dill.

At first look, I thought they were Monarchs, but research has found that they could be Eastern Black Swallowtails. I can’t find a picture of one that looks exactly like mine (but close). However, no research says that anything else eats dill.

Disclaimer: these two following pictures are NOT mine, but taken from the Web.

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I am tempted to put this little bugger in a jar and watch. After all, Norm can bring fresh dill home every day. And so, what else? A little water in the bottom of the jar to help keep the dill fresh and give my guy some water to drink? Answers would be appreciated!

On another note, our window boxes are starting to bloom. We are taking these to the State Fair so our cabin is more “homey” .. we got them started rather late, but will be pretty under the window sills.

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It is a muggy but beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!

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Simplegirl (Teresa) said...

What perty pictures! I remember my kids' teachers buying those butterfly kits each year so the kids can see the progression. Neat fun stuff! Good luck with your Ford, it really is cute.