Monday, August 14, 2006

What is it?

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Coming home from Pipestone on Saturday, we discovered this little flower under the bird feeder. Sister Candy doesn’t think it’s Nigerian Thistle, but that’s what I feed my Goldfinch. If not Nigerian, what? It sure is cute, though, as long as it doesn’t try to take over the world!

Yesterday was a non-day, as far as I am concerned. I did Redwork, chatted briefly with Candy D about transfer processing, and chatted with Sister Candy about rugs.

Candy D found a process for transferring embroidery patterns directly to material by using your InkJet printer. Take freezer paper, iron it onto muslin and print out your pattern. She is now in the process of testing to see if you can wash the muslin and not have smears or messes on the material from the ink.

Sister Candy wants to learn how to make “Wagon Wheel” rugs, as well as other types. I have a Murphy’s friend who’s mother was a rug-braider obsesser but also made toothbrush and wagon wheel rugs. Unfortunately, mother’s skills are locked in her brain and daughter cannot get them out. But Sister Candy found some books on-line (don’t you just love the Internet?) that seem to be the answer. And I promised that we’d take a bicycle wheel (the modern answer to the wagon wheel) and do some testing and trials. Between the two of us, and our friend’s memories of watching her mother, we should be able to figure it out if the books don’t help much. I did watch the wagon wheel process once or twice, but that was many years ago and I hadn’t planned on trying it myself or teaching anyone.

I believe I mentioned that Candy D had dragged me into some on-line Redwork groups. They have a lot of good ideas and places to go for patterns. And then, there are also color books! Also, I have been scanning in some “Aunt Martha” transfers that Sister Candy has, so that we can print them out, trace them with the red hot-iron pencils that I have ordered and not waste
the transfers.

It is getting close to State Fair time. One week from tomorrow (YIKES!), we leave for the Cities and the “Great Minnesota Get-Together!” Friend Katie and I ‘man’ a cabin in the Heritage Square of the State Fair grounds for twelve days, twelve hours a day. We have Katie’s daughter, Takara, along for help and also have friends come to spend time with us so there are more people and we have more activity in and around the cabin. Norm is going to come up with us to help set up, then he will stay for the first weekend and head home here to keep the home fires burning.

I am taking the computer (laptop) and I hope to find wireless connections while at the Fair, so I can communicate with you friends. But if not, I will have a lot of pictures and stories when I return to the “nether-land” of the Internet.

So now, it is time for chores; Sister Candy is picking me up for a shopping spree at an antique shop that is closing. The owner has balls and balls of wool strips that she is selling Candy for a steal; they will be used for loom rugs, wagon wheel rugs or hooked rugs, depending on the width and amount of them. Then I need to cut out a new dress for the Fair … and patch the oldest one, which has holes that show my petticoat (shock!).

It looks to be a beautiful day … you have a beautiful day!

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Green Fingers said...

Could it be safflower?

Have fun at the fair!