Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, well, well!

The Peterson’s have taken another turn on the bumpy road to fame (or not-fame). We have decided to trade in our mini-van (which, by the way, was NOT planned when we got it – I thought he wanted a station wagon, and I thought *I* wanted one, too!).

The van has had use and abuse for the past five years and it was obvious to Mr. Mechanic, if not to me, that serious work was going to be needed. Also, these mini-vans are truly NOT planned for serious hauling of heavy trailers or camper trailers.

Brother-in-law Wayne found a 1991 Ford Ranger in a neighboring town. Now, I am not a Ford fan …in fact, my obsession against and aversion to Fords has been nearly as fanatical as any fanatical religious person (of any faith). I have been faithful and true to GMCs since I was aware of the differences in makes of cars.

However, trucks and cars are two different issues when it comes to Fords, I believe. And this little truck sure is a cutie!

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Norm is not sure about not having a side door (as with the van) to help load all our camping stuff when we go, but he will get used to it, I guess. The Ranger is not much bigger than the van, but it has less mileage and (we hope) more MPG averages. And is sturdier for the work we want.

And, after all, if we DON’T like it, we can trade to something different in a year or two.

Anyone want a beautiful green Dodge Caravan?

And, on another note, Candy D is NOT helping my obsessions very much. I got her obsessed on Redwork, so what does she do? She gets herself (and me) signed up on THREE redwork mailing lists!!! No, Candy, your hubby can NOT have my phone number!! It’s not MY fault that you obsess along with me!!

Sister Candy is not helping, either! Norm and I went over this morning to help Wayne with some task. Candy dragged me upstairs to see her coloring books (she has almost as many as I, for patterns for embroidery, etc), and sent a bunch home for me to scan in patterns. She also got me drooling over her lovely silk embroidery; not that I will start that (please, powers-that-be, don’t let me obsess over silk embroidery!), but I will probably use her patterns for crewel, another obsession.

If I don’t watch these obsessions, I won’t have time for weaving or spinning! YIKES!

It looks to be a grand, obsessive day – you have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

This obsession is all your fault. Had you led me to believe it was woodwork, I would not be anymore the wiser LOL. But, it sure is fun!

Grandma Rosie said...

Love the new truck. I drive a 1999 Dodge Ram. Texans love their trucks!

Redwork! Love it, I also love to embroider and appliqué.