Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Two

Posted from Carla Lynne

Name the last two TV shows you watched. Stargate SG1 and Fried Green Tomatos

Name the last two household chores you finished. Dishes and cooking supper

Last two food items you ate. Beef stick and cheese on crackers for supper, fresh peaches for desert, last night (nothing yet this morning)

Name two websites you visited before here. Granddaughter Carla Lynne and Redwork Designs

Name your two favorite chefs or cooks. Haven't watched cooking shows for years. I used to like Julia Child because she was good and funny.

Name two things you like to do when it rains. Sleep and read. Although crafty things are cool in the rain, too!

(And my addition to the Tuesday Two .. two things you saw yesterday!!)

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Have a beautiful, serene day!

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