Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One of my favorite things

In all your life, what are your favorite things to do? One of mine is talking with my granddaughters from Florida on MSN. This program allows you to hit the F2 button and chat, voice-wise. It’s not as smooth as a phone; you have to take turns talking. But it’s cheaper. We have tried all kinds of phone connections … Skype, MSN, Yahoo, to name a few. But the connections seem to be echo-y or there is a lot of lag.

Ashley and Jessica, both, can manage to hit a button and talk. It brings them closer to me and we have a great time.

Sometimes we just type and send “winks” … Jessica loves that dancing pig. But today, Ashley has decided she needs help with cross-word puzzles.

So, today, this morning, is going to be a non-working one. I will be spending most of it tied to the computer, chatting and being silly. What a way to fill a grandma’s heart! Don’t you just love technology?

Have a beautiful, heart-warming day!

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