Monday, August 21, 2006

Mellow Monday

This was first posted in Carla Lynne's post

Summer festivals and fairs are so much fun! All the fire departments, churches, and county fairs light the night sky with neon fun from the midway rides and fill the sky with fireworks, and food and good times are had by all.

1) Corn Dogs or BBQ Ribs? Sorry, neither dogs, grilled

2) Funnel Cakes or Cotton Candy? Funnel Cakes are great if you can share, but I head to the cotton candy every time.

3) What kind of popcorn is your favorite? Irish Kettle, Caramel, Plain ole' salt and buttah? Irish Kettle

4) Are you a thrillseeker? Do you get on the rides? We are not talking about the Thomas the Tank Engine ride. Are you kidding? I get dizzy on a Ferris Wheel!

5) For all you shore go'ers ... name your favorite flavor salt water taffy. Peppermint - we can get salt water taffy in the plains, too.

6) What is the biggest prize you have ever won on the midway games, or that someone has won for you? Nada!! Mr. Tightwad never even tried to win my affections with showing of his prowess at the games. However, he DID (in the flush of courting) buy me a cute skunk on the Midway.

7) French fries. What's your poison? Do you top them with ketchup, chili, malt vinegar, Old Bay? Ketsup, but most of the time, just alone ... Especially the 'World's Best' that we can get just around the corner from 'our' cabin ... they are freshly cut potatoes every morning. There are piles and piles of potatoes outside the back of their stand. OOOO, I'm getting hungry!

8) Caramel apple (with or without nuts) or Candy Apple? None, thank you ... don't care to eat a whole apple. However, if you cut it up for me .... without nuts.

9) Do you like fireworks? Like them from a distance. However, the State Fair has fireworks every night after the evening concert and we get them full blast. If I have been unfortunate enough to fall asleep before the fireworks, I fall out of bed with the first crack!

10) Name your favorite fair or carnival. If you are competing or demonstrating, sound off and brag. Let's hear about some state and country fairs... Well, the Minnesota State Fair, for sure. It's one of the longest running fairs .. it is advertised as "The Great Minnesota Get-together" and we have several million people come to it. Our little bit is to demonstrate 19th century living in an original cabin that built in the north western part of Minnesota. We "live" there for twelve days, twelve hours a day. We have company come to visit us and we have a lot of fun with the other exhibitors and vendors in the area. Another "fair" is the Pepin, Wisconsin, "Laura Ingalls Wilder Days" which is just a week after the State Fair

Thanks, Carla ... this one was fun. And now, back to packing!!!!

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Carla Lynne said...

You all have a wonderful time at the fair. Hope you see all your friends, and make lots of new ones.

I'll try calling your cell this week to catch up... oh... and stay away from the beeez! :-)

Love and Kisses,
Carla Lynne