Monday, August 21, 2006

Just about ready!

Tomorrow is departure day for us. We will be leaving Katie’s in the morning and heading to St. Paul for the “Great Minnesota Get-Together.”

The State Fair is a BIG thing here in Minnesota. We have over a million people come to the Fair every year. I will have to keep track and let you know how many are coming each day.

Katie and I, along with her daughter Takara, will be “manning” a cabin that was built in the early 1900s. However, it was built in the north western corner of the state, and that area was still very primitive compared to the rest of the state. It was ‘discovered’ about the 1970s and moved to the Fairgrounds and restored.

The reason the cabin is so important is that our first congresswoman was born in this cabin.

Although it was built in the 1900s, it is in the style of the mid-1800s, so we ‘live’ in the 1870s. The cabin is almost empty when we move in; everything except one cupboard and the stove belong to us, so we have to haul everything from home. It takes a lot of space for all of our things … cooking, sewing, spinning, weaving, all kinds of craft and living things have to be there.

We will be gone from home for 14 days. The Fair doesn’t start until Thursday, but we are going early to clean the cabin and set up. Usually we go on Wednesday, but it’s too much to do in one day, so we will take it easy and take our time setting up.

This is the first time that Norm will be at the Fair for more than one day. Last year, and years before, he only could spare a day from Historic Murphy’s Landing. This year he will follow us on Thursday (as we don’t need him to help set up) and be there until Monday. Then he heads home and the rest of us will stay the rest of the 12 days.
When I first started working the Fair, friend Mary and I did the 12 days (12 hours a day); we had a friend who lived only about 20 minutes from the fairgrounds, so we stayed at her house. After she moved, we started staying in the campground. Then Mary got married and chose to not ‘do’ the fair, at least for a while.

This year, Katie and I purchased my brother-in-law’s camper/trailer rather than borrowing someone’s unit. There will be room for we three gals and even room for Norm (if he behaves!).

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Well, enough of this wordiness .. I was just going to pop on and say farewell for a while. I am taking my laptop to store my pictures. I hope there will be a service close by to use my wireless abilities. If so, I will be back again (sooner than you like, I suppose).

Otherwise, it will be a beautiful two weeks at the fair. You have a beautiful time, too.


Candy Duell said...

Have a wonderful time Connie. Enjoy every minute of it.

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Have fun and hope you are able to find a net hookup to keep on blogging for the 2 weeks. Enjoy the fair!

Kati said...

Hope you have a fantastic, safe time at the fair!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourselves!


Fran (MMO)

Leslie Shelor said...

Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time!