Sunday, August 20, 2006

Is it Forty or Eighty?

Today is our anniversary. We have been married either forty years or eighty years, depending on who you ask.

Norm says it’s eighty – forty for each of us! I say it’s forty – forty as a couple!!

We had picked the day arbitrarily, because we decided to get married in August, not December, as first planned. After we picked the day, my mother-in-law-to-be said “That’s our anniversary, too!” Norm didn’t know – but then men don’t know dates very well! Clarice was pleased because she felt we had picked it because of their anniversary. The duo dates were great in later years so we could remember and so that we could celebrate together.

They say “Happy the bride the sun shines on.” They also say a raining wedding day is bad luck. Well, I’m here to tell you that it ain’t necessarily so!! The best luck I ever had was to marry Norm on a rainy night in August.

It was a small wedding, since we decided to get married quickly. Part of the reason was that I was going to start teaching after Labor Day, my first teaching job. My mother said I would probably do a better job of teaching if I was married instead of engaged. My dad offered to pay Norm’s first semester of college (he had gone to the Army right after high school) if we had a small wedding.

As Norm is fond of saying “I didn’t have anything better to do that weekend!” So we got married – hitched – tied the knot – whatever funny little saying goes along with a very serious, solemn occasion.

My sister Cara was bridesmaid; my sister Candy was usher, along with my sister-in-law Eileen. Norm’s brother Darrell was best man, which caused a little bit of a problem, as they normally shared a suit and both needed it that night. Norm got his first suit for the wedding! Cara and my dad sang for the wedding and that was about it. Short and sweet and lasting a lifetime.

I am fortunate that Norm honors his vows “Till death do us part.” …. Otherwise, he probably would have given up on me years ago. But he has stuck with me through thin and thick (and, lordy, am I thick today!)

And it has been forty years (might seem longer, Norm!) … hard to believe!!! It will be a beautiful, quiet day – we might have a bonfire and supper outside tonight. We went out with Candy and Wayne for dinner on Thursday night to celebrate. And bought our “new” truck for our anniversary present.

It will be a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day. And may you married couples last as long as we have (and longer) and have peace and happiness as you do!

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happyowl said...

Wishing you a very happy anniversary Connie and Norm. May you have many more to come!

Beautiful wedding photo.

Brightest blessings


Anonymous said...

Happy Ruby anniversary!

Doesn't time fly by???!!!



The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Happy 40th Anniversary!

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!


Carla Lynne said...

You didn't even tell me about this on the phone- guess we had so much else to talk about, eh? :-)

I hope you and Norm have 40 more joyful years together...

I Love You!!!

Carla Lynne

Gramdma Rosie said...

What a lovely picture you made. So young and so much life ahead of you. Have a wonderful day and may you have many more anniversarys.

Sonia said...

Beautiful couple!
Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!