Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Historic Murphy’s Landing (again)

We all had an easy morning on Sunday … the site doesn’t open until 12:00 noon, so we don’t have to rush quite as much as normal. We had had a storm and rain during the night so had wet picnic benches to sit on .. therefore we joined Tom and the boys (who slept in relative dryness in the barn over night) for breakfast in the barn.

The Fifth Minnesota Regiment (a living history group that has branched out of Murphy’s) were meeting for drill and their monthly meeting, so we drove down to the Town Hall (I couldn’t have walked that quarter mile for love nor money!) to see everyone and get hugs of relief over my close call.

At that time, young Catie told me she wanted me to join her in “her” house for the day – less bees there! She was in the O’Connor, a historic house built in Shakopee in the 1860s and added on to in the 1870s. As it is traditionally the Irish house, Catie has taken on an Irish persona. It has also traditionally been a boarding house, but “Miss Fletcher” and her mother had been having a hard time keeping the money coming in so they petitioned the Town Fathers for a license to have a saloon.

For Sunday, “Mrs. Fletcher” had changed to “Mrs. Fry” and was a Quaker who protested the saloon. She was accompanied by “Mrs. Krueger” in her protests. The Fifth Minnesota boys decided to stay for the day and play along. There were many times that the soldiers stood in the doorway, blocking the protesters from coming into a legal saloon. At times, the women managed to slip in and cause ruckuses.

I, as Mrs. Caroline Peterson, sat in a rocking chair, supposedly spinning quietly in a corner. However, Miss Fletcher had convinced me that I was drinking Root Beer, while all along it was truly real beer. The gals had empty beer bottles near my chair, a bunch of bottle caps on the table in the parlor / saloon. We put root beer (and is it good!) in an old fashioned beer bottle and I sat nursing my bottle, amazed at how my headache from the night before was leaving. Of course, I complained that my chair kept moving, and had to be reminded that it was a ROCKING chair.

When the protesters came in, attempting to take my bottle away, I would clutch it to my bosom and say “But, it’s ROOT beer!” I had a flushed face and was feeling loopy from the medications and the after effects of the bee sting, so I looked drunk and actually felt a little tipsy! The act was not hard to keep up.

It was a restful day and I was able to visit with friends during breaks from the guests. Then Penny, who was spinning at the Harms (“my” old house) invited me over for porch time.

I had started “porch time” my first year out – in the summer, at about 4:00, the guests start slowing down, so we would sit on my porch, facing east – you can see the guests coming down the road, you are sitting in the shade and everyone would have a craft and we would visit.

Penny is a spinning student of mine, so it was a great trip down memory lane to sit on the porch and visit with her for awhile.

I did manage, this weekend, to get a little bit of my redwork done … and scanned this in (mostly to show and encourage Candy D) this morning. I will continue to work on this project and several others. And have promised Katie to teach her during the State Fair. (This is when we work for twelve days, twelve hours a day, “living” in a cabin in the Heritage Square of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.)

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Also, today, I made a “Lucy Locket” pocket. You all know the poem:

Lucy Locket
lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it.
Not a bit of money in it,
Only 'broidery round it.
I have promised to not step out of the house without shoes (sigh) and with my Epipen with me. So I made a pocket to tie around my waist that the pen fits into. This will also work when I am in costume .. it can go under my dress and I will have it with me at all times. A change of life for me and not a pleasant one, but at least there is a life to change.

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It looks to be a beautiful day! You have a beautiful day!

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