Saturday, August 12, 2006

Civil War!

Today was the first day of a Civil War event in Pipestone; Candy and Wayne joined us for the trip over (one hour) to visit our friends of the Fifth Minnesota and see what was happening there.

We arrived in Pipestone in time to catch the Fifth’s presentation. The Fifth Minnesota was based out of Albert Lea. During the War, some of the unit went down to the South to fight. Others stayed to guard the homesteaders and farmers from the Indians.

While the country was focusing thoughts towards the War, the Native Americans here on the prairies took advantage of it by beginning what is commonly called the “Dakota Conflict of 1862.”

This weekend, the Fifth Minnesota was concentrating on the Dakota Conflict while the rest of them were concentrating on the War between the States,

I got very few pictures. Unfortunately, the backdrop is lousy – the event coordinators chose to have ugly orange snow fence to enclose the area and I could not find many spots that hid the fence.

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Adam, portraying a soldier, talking about his experiences - Son David is behind him in the tent.

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Katie is portraying a newspaper reporter (yes, they DID have women reporters!)

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Neighbor Wally's blacksmith wagon set-up
On another note, what’s with the frogs? Both Candy and I have frogs, frogs, frogs. We believe them to be little leopard frogs – and they are everywhere. Anytime I step outside, I have to watch my step so I don’t squish one. They are in the garden, in the bushes, in the yard and hop away as I walk. We think they hatched out in the last big rain we had, in June, but they are still around and they are still small. Are leopard frogs small?

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It looks to be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day!

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The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Nice pics! I could only wish for such cutie frogs. We have hordes of toads( which seem to love our basement)and every once in awhile catch a glimpse of a tiny tree frog.