Tuesday, August 15, 2006

An apology

I owe a big apology to historians, to the Native Americans and to the general public, all around.

When I was talking about the “Dakota Conflict” a few days ago, I mis-spoke. I was not clear in my head as to how to talk about it and should not have said anything at all until my head cleared.

Contrary to what I said, the Indians did not take advantage of the Civil War to have an uprising.

The Indians were starving; they had had all their treaty money stolen by dishonest traders. They were abused by government agents and they were actually told to “eat grass if they were hungry.” At the time that they reached their breaking point, the Civil War just happened to be going on.

My apologies to everyone and my thanks for a very gentle reprimand from a dear friend. Yes, I, too, feel history is very important and that we should get it right (the first time!!!).

It was my mistake to write without thinking and feel that what I wrote, although wrong, was not very wrong.

Mea culpa!!!

Have a beautiful (correct) day!

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