Friday, July 14, 2006

What a great day

Sister Candy and her granddaughter Erin and I went adventuring yesterday. We went up to a sod house bed and breakfast. The farmer that owns the land has built several sod houses, has re-seeded land to original prairie and has done a wonderful job with signage and with upkeep. You can go and stay for a night or a weekend and have breakfast served in the sod house. You can even dress in period clothing … and if you keep your eyes the right direction, you never see modern buildings, which can keep you “in the mood.”

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The sod house

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I love windows

Erin is ten, just a couple of months older than Ashley. She is bright and lively and very interested in museums and the past. We looked in all the buildings and it was not (like typical ten year olds) “Grandma, let’s GO! I’m BORED!” Actually, we waited for her in most buildings because she had to look all around and read the signs and run in the grass. I got a lot of wildflower pictures.

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Erin reading a book about the Ingalls

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Erin on the path

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I think this is butterfly "weed?"

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Black or brown eyed susan

Then on to Walnut Grove – one of the places that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived. She and her family lived there two times in their travels before going on to De Smet, SD. Again, a museum to go through and enjoy. Erin found a letter – the last letter – from Laura to her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, telling her what to do with some of her things after she died. Erin was fascinated with Carrie, third daughter. She married and moved to Keystone, SD, which is close to Mt. Rushmore. Erin has gone through Keystone often, as she was born in Rapid City, in the foothills of the Black Hills. Carry Ingalls was instrumental in starting Eastern Star in Keystone. My parents, Norm and I are members of that Star.

After Walnut Grove, we went to Slayton, a small town (but bigger than Storden). There is a café there that serves Italian Crème Ice. I have never had one, and it was wonderful! We three got three different flavors and all decided that Erin’s raspberry was the best!

Then home again. Tired but full of memories. Have a beautiful day!

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happyowl said...

What an awesome day. I think you should adopt me, so I could go see all these amazing places!

Quite often, we we drive from Alberta to B.C.(when we get out that way), we see soddy's on the side of the road. I have always thought it was a shame that nobody fixed them up. Such a waste of our history.

Brightest blessings


Candy Duell said...

Wow, what a day for you. It sounds like you had a wonderful day, and your pictures are great. I just bought a butterfly weed and planted it yesterday. I am hoping it attracts butterflys as well as the butterfly bush does.

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Wow! a sod house! i have never seen one, just heard about them. Was it very hot or did it keep cool despite the heat? How long would the "house" last? I guess I should just go look the answers up now that you have peeked my interest with your adventure in them. Thanks for sharing, thats pretty cool stuff.