Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well, we are home!

Norm and I went to Decorah for our Nordic Fest demonstrations. We were praying for good weather, but no-one was listening. We had temperatures of 98º and heat indexes of 1105º to 110º both Friday and Saturday mornings but it ‘cooled down’ after lunch so our indexes were probably only 95º to 100º.

Miserable for working in costumes, miserable for guests. We had fewer guests this year, and no surprise. If we hadn’t been obligated to be there, we wouldn’t have been, either.

Our weekend started with leaving here early Thursday morning. We had to go to a suburb of Rochester, MN, to collect mattresses .. a Rendezvous friend sews many things, and mattresses are some of them. We have the loan (Katie will not sell) of two single beds, so are finally cot-free and can sleep on normal beds while camping!

Then went through Harmony, MN, where there is an Amish settlement. I get a thrill out of seeing the horses and buggies going down the highway. We stopped at an antique / gift shop (where I found my first patterned butter pats) and I took a picture of this horse tied to the side of the store. I told myself that this was for my grand-niece, Erin, so that I wouldn’t feel like a tourist (so, Erin, you’d better enjoy it!).

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I also took a picture of one of the signs on the road. I get a kick out of them, too! (I am easy to please!)

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We got to Decorah early in the afternoon and spent a hot hour trying to figure out where we would put the tent. Last year, we just had a lean-to type of situation; this year we had the full tent and a fly, as well. It was hot putting the tent up, but we persevered … what else can we do when we are obligated?

By the time we figured out where we wanted to go, which was exactly where we went last year, Woodworker Dave showed up; he has no choice for his tent – it’s so big with all his lovely articles to display. His lovely wife was there to help him set up – they live an hour away, so Dave chose to go home each night to air conditioning and hot showers.

Then Potter Jasper showed up and we helped him decide where to put his tent. This weekend was his first for his new tent, so he had to do some measuring to see if he would fit.

The place where we demonstrate and sell is a small square surrounded by Norwegian houses and buildings that have been brought in from surrounding farm areas to have on display. We had a little more room to spread out since three of our normal gang didn’t make it this year because of differing reasons.

The last to show up was Blacksmith Tom. He came to start setting up just after we got back from a very filling meal at the local Mexican restaurant. Too filling – everyone was pretty miserable all night long! (Dave said he had recurring visits from his meal during the night!) Tom brings a forge and an anvil and other heavy stuff, so the guys helped put up his area while I supervised. I’m a great supervisor, even though I was threatened with hammers being thrown at me because of my suggestions.

I will give more details about the weekend on my next post … here are some pictures of our tent as it was being set up.

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Norm, resting in the shade of the tent before the ridge pole is up

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The beds are set in place (we thought)

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It was cooler to make the beds before the sides were up

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We moved the beds to a right angle so we had more walking room

As I said, it was hot, hot, hot! Right now our heat index is ranging around 107º. I just went out to take more ice for the chicken waters and check on them. Don’t know what I’d do if some were showing stress except dowse them in the water! But I have to check often, anyway! However, they are panting but doing reasonably well, considering. We have all the doors open and the south wind is at least stirring the heat around.

It was a beautiful, if hot, day. You have a beautiful cool day!!


happyowl said...

Even considering the heat it sounds like you had a great time! I can't wait to see some more pictures. By the way, the beds look great. Nice and comfy.

Brightest blessings


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