Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tolerance, again!

Some people just do NOT get it!! All I ask of the world is for tolerance for all religions. Over on HomesteadBlogger, I have been reading the comments on Leanne’s blog. There are those there who agree with me, there are some that say if you try to convert someone and they don’t want to be converted, then leave them alone. That is acceptable. There are others who still claim that their god is the only one and there should be no tolerance.

Others say that when I (and others) speak of tolerance, we are only claiming tolerance for “us” not “them.”

People, there IS no “US” or “THEM” … there is only “US” … all people working for the good of the earth, for peace on earth for ALL people. What difference does it make to you if your neighbor is not christian or pagan or any other religion? Is your god going to send you to your hell because you did not drag your neighbor into your religious beliefs? Just because my neighbor believes that god has a different name does not mean that he is slandering my god. If I am going to die a fiery death (as you might believe) then what difference is it to YOU?

One person said she didn’t see people or the media being very tolerant to christians. Oh? What about the attitudes I see every day?

I work at the State Fair every year. I see thousands and thousands of people every day. I see tee-shirts that say “I love Jesus.” I never see tee-shirts saying “I love Allah” or “Praise the Goddess” or “Jehovah loves you.” Is this intolerance for christians? What would happen to me if I walked down a street with “Buddha loves the world, so do I” ?????

There is a quote from one of the bloggers --- “There were some horrible atrocities done to the Indians and many other races in the name of religion. That is not what God would have done, probably, but nevertheless it has been done. However, God knows all and everything works together for His good.” Everything works together for his good? Wanna ask the Indians if they feel that way? Want to ask the Africans who were converted? Want to ask the Hugonaughts in France? Want to ask the Jews in Spain? Did it work to his (god’s) good when someone is dying in flames for your god’s satisfaction?

My god is a loving god. My god is a tolerant god. My god doesn’t care if you call him / her Allah, Jehovah, Kuan-yin or Jizo. MY god loves all his/her children, no matter where they turn to worship, be it in a church, a temple, or in a grove of trees.

Enough preaching today … I will not convince those who have closed minds. I only pray that some will listen and spread the Words … Tolerance, peace, love!

On another note, I was tickled to find that I am a threat to National Security. One lady on HomesteadBlogger intimated that I was de-blogged because “the GOVERNMENT has the RIGHT to censure the freedom of speech and press when it becomes a threat to National Security.” So I was de-blogged because I threatened National Security!

Have a beautiful, tolerant day


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!


Grandma Rosie said...

Somehow Grandma Connie you just don't strike me as a real threat. But you never know, gotta keep an eye on us radical grandma's. But I don't feel very radical, just sad about all this. HUGS!

happyowl said...

Beautifully written Connie!

Grandma Rosie: Re: Radical Grandma's....LOL. Sorry the image in my mind got the better of me.

Brightest blessings


Green Fingers said...

Yes obviously you are seriously dangerous! What with those spinning wheels and yard swings and corn stoves of yours, you could single-handedly orchestrate the collapse of 'murrika.

Here's another virtual *hug*, and a giggle at how completely silly some people can be.


Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
Sorry to know that this is what happened to you ~ take it from a true Christian ~ My God loves everyone too, and tells us too love everyone as well. I am sorry that you have been treated badly ~ I do miss your blog.

Kati said...

LOL I DO love your blog!!! I posted a comment or 2 to you when you were at homestead blogger, and I found you through a couple pagan friends of mine who had blogs over there at one point. I was sorry to see my friends boo'd & jeered because of their beliefs, and I was sorry to see you go (though glad I found your new home). THANK YOU for being such an open, honest, loving person. Folks like you bring light into this world.... The light & love of Jesus, of the Goddess, of Wisdom.... Whatever one calls it, YOU bring it!