Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thank you, Leanne

Some of you know the reasons behind my leaving the Homestead Blogger site – others don’t (and don’t care).

However, Leanne has decided to champion me and to put my views back on the site.

I wrote a letter of farewell, asking women on the Homestead Blogger site to be more tolerant of other religions; the post lasted less than two hours. Now there have been several women who have noticed I’m missing and have begun searching for me (thank you, gals, for your support).

Leanne was one of those who asked why I was gone, so I sent her the post I had put on (the one that turned up missing in two hours!) … she has decided to step forward and state the same views – I only hope she lasts longer than two hours before the “powers-that-be” kick her off!

I have changed her link on the side-bar, as she is not going to move to blogspot as of yet. She feels the blog posting is easier at Homestead Blogger, and she has made many good friends there. I only hope she is allowed to continue there!

I appreciate a champion! Perhaps if more women were like Leanne (and others that I will not mention, as they probably wish to remain anonymous at this time) religious tolerance would be more wide spread.

That is all I ask …. tolerance…. Wars were (and are) fought from religious intolerance! If we had love (true love) abounding in this world, we could banish wars, poverty, ignorance and live in this great world as the good gods intended us to live.

Have a beautiful day – and spread the word. Tolerance, love, peace!


The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Spinning Grandma! I found the link to your blog from GreenFingers. I still have a blog at HomesteadBlogger but haven't posted there in some time for the exact same reason you left. Religious Persecution. Seems like they'd burn me at the stake if they could! Check out my new blog too. I am trying to be better about writing but time just flies when you have as much fun as I do. he he. Congrats for your post and standing up for what you believe in! Simeplegirl simplegirl.blogsome.com

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming since there is a deleted comment that it must have been something not so nice. This whole thing is really upsetting me because you made the choice to leave and they are still bothering you on your own site that is unaffilliated with homestead blogger. I'm really sorry you went through all of this. As I scroll some of the old blogs I use to visit and new ones I am noticing a trend. A lot of the people I use to enjoy reading are now gone and REALLY opinionated people that don't hardly blog about homesteady are in their place. It's disturbing and annoying and I'm not sure how much longer I will stay there. It just seems it's moved so far from homesteading since I first got there. And it's not that I am even a different religion than what most of them preach, however I'm not there for religion, I'm there for homesteading. Not that I don't take my religion into everything I do but I just feel that if there is a site out there that is for a specific purpose, it should be kept that way. Ok I'm rambling now, just wanted to say hi and let off some steam. Have a great day!