Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A strange noise this morning

I was out in the barn doing chores when I heard what sounded like someone strangling .. it was one of the babies – trying to crow! These guys are almost seven weeks old and are starting to feel like they are roosters. It was the funniest sound! Only those of you who have raised cockerels could really duplicate the sound! That means my babies are growing up!

We have had discussions, our co-op of four families. When it is time to butcher these guys (these will be harder to say goodbye to than the white Cornish Cross, believe me!!), we may just take them to town. It costs only $1.50 per bird for butchering, wrapping and freezing. I don’t think I’d do it for that, but it will be a lot easier on all of us – we were exhausted after thirty birds last time, what would be our energy level after forty-five?

We are nearly ready to head out in the morning – Decorah, Iowa, for the Vesterhiem. I have my camera packed already, so I can sneak in lots of pictures. Now, we will not be in character this time, so taking pictures will be easier! We are excited because we will be seeing friends that are nearly family to us. And I am excited because we will actually be sleeping on ‘real’ beds, not cots!!! We will collect our new mattresses tomorrow on the way to Decorah.

Norm has spoons and paddles and spatulas ready to go – and I will be demonstrating flax spinning.

I will be in touch when we get back on Sunday night. You have a beautiful day and a beautiful weekend.

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Candy Duell said...

Isn't that the funniest sound?! One of my young roosters is trying to crow. My son was outside and said what the heck is that noise?!?! We both laughed when we looked and here he was. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.