Monday, July 24, 2006

Some time saving / energy saving ideas

Now, I am the laziest person I know, and proud of it. You can ask anyone. If there is work to be done, I will figure out the easiest, quickest way to do it. I love shortcuts of any kind. Sitting down is my favorite sport.

So, when it comes to doing anything in the kitchen, even though I love to cook and bake, I am always thinking of timesaving ways to do the cooking and / or baking.

Cookies – Mr Hollow Leg demands cookies. If I can’t bake them, he has ‘town cookies’ … and I would rather he ate mine and not have all the junk in the ‘town cookies.’ But, being lazy, I think about making cookies more than I do. And in the summer, heating up the oven for a batch of cookies is not my idea of fun.

So what I figured out was this: Mix up the cookies (oh! how hard that is, but I persevere!), making sure the batch is able to be stored in the fridge. My favorite is a refrigerator cookie with brown sugar and spices – almost a spice cookie – well, it IS a spice cookie! That hard work done, I roll the dough in plastic wrap and carefully place in a flat space in the fridge (THAT is hard to find!) for a day – but the dough can stay in the fridge up to two weeks – haven’t tested it longer.

On another day when I am rested up after about eight hours of sitting at the computer, I take out a roll of dough. (That just reminded me of ‘Young Frankenstein’ – “Roll in the hay!”) I slice up a few cookies and bake them in my toaster oven. I line the tray of the oven with foil, bake about two batches, placing the done ones on paper towels, and voila! Fresh cookies to go into my lovely antique cookie jar with a few sitting on the lovely antique plate that sits under the jar. (The jar comes from my Nana through my Auntie Pete, who willed it to ME in her will. The plate comes from Candy who had started collecting pink depression ware but, when she saw the cookie jar, said the plate belonged with the jar.)

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Oops ... need more cookies, I see!

No heating up of the kitchen, less energy used for the stove and for me! And fresh cookies every few days for Norm.

Another timesaving plan is waffles. When I struggle up after an exhausting few hours at the computer to make breakfast, I occasionally make waffles. That is an exhausting task in itself. But Norm is selfish – he wants waffles more than once every six months or so. So I make waffles once in a while, but make a large batch. After getting those done (I need to rest for several days after making waffles), I put the extras in a plastic bag in the fridge. Then when Norm wants waffles again, I bring out the heavy waffle iron – it weighs at least 15 pounds – and warm the already baked waffles for just a few minutes for that fresh made taste. They are better that way than heated in the microwave. Plus, after I bring the waffles out of the fridge, I don’t know if I have enough energy to push a button on the microwave.

Now, if I could only figure out how to wash dishes or water plants or weed while sitting down. Of course, the TRUE sport of chair-sitting requires total stillness except for moving fingers for typing on keyboards. If I try doing dishes sitting down, I would ruin the sport! So, I will have to continue to wash dishes standing up, and try not to fall asleep in the dishwater.

I will have a lazy day - you have a beautiful day.

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