Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh, Lordy, it’s hot!

Heat index for Storden is 104º! We have had the air running for 6 hours and it’s still “only” 77º in the house. There is a strong, hot south wind.

This reminds me of Norm’s family ranch in Western South Dakota … the wind was always so hot – you didn’t know if it was better with or without the wind, and temperatures were about what we have today. However, they don’t have the humidity. But they didn't have air conditioning back then. We would lay in front of a fan and gasp for air.

Reminds me of my uncle's North Dakota farm back when I was growing up. The boys slept in the upstairs of the old farm house, and they didn't have air conditioning, either. Yes, they DID have electricity!! I was born AFTER electricity, no matter what people say! I would sleep in the second bedroom. There was a bedroom on the west, a bedroom on the east and a hall between. We kept the windows open and the doors open and laid on top of the sheets and gasped for air (except the night that the adults were gone and we never felt the heat because of the shenanigans we pulled - but that's another story).

A side note - Candy read an article the other day that compared heat and cold through-out the United States - North and South Dakota are rated as the states with the most extreme heat swings - and also are the hottest states in the country, on the whole... And, no, dry heat is not any better than humid heat if it gets up there where the thermometer breaks!

Our humidity is only 40% but the dew point (don’t know how they figure that) is 69%. That makes it close to tropical … if I remember right, tropical hits in at about 70%.

Minnesota is having a “mild” drought – no rain to speak of since the middle of June. And June only had 1 inch. I hate to admit a “mild” drought when I think of my brother-in-law and their neighbors suffering through the 7th year of severe drought. But our corn and soybeans, they say, are crying for water.

Now, this seems to happen nearly every year .. I remember complaints of heat and drought last year and they had a bumper crop in the fall! So don’t know if the Minnesota farmers are complainers, worriers or if this really IS a “mild” drought.

I went out to check the chickens and gave them fresh water. They looked comfortable – at least as comfortable as you can expect, but none of them looked like they were hitting any danger zones.

I took out some cat food. Someone (can’t remember who) on Homestead Blogger told me to feed more protein to get more eggs … so I mix cheap cat food and powered milk, add warm water and soak until it’s soft-ish. They love it and it is supposed to help them lay more eggs.

I took some pictures (not with my new telephoto) of the little guys. They are almost 5 weeks old now. When we butcher, I am going to pick one out to be my flock rooster, and am having a trouble picking him out, so far. Of course we will wait until they are bigger, but still … it’s fun to try to chose, now.

I have some with feathered legs …

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I have some Buff Orpingtons …

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Now, this one, I don’t know what he is, but his coloring is very interesting…

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And this little one, the one laying down in front… he’s smaller than the others – I was promised an ‘exotic’ as an addition to my bunch, and he might be it, but what he is, I don’t know.

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Stay cool and have a beautiful day!

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