Monday, July 24, 2006

Oh, Lordy! I’m glad I’m not a man!

Just the other day, I thought that thought again. I think it very often and am so grateful I’m a woman! I think that as it’s pouring down rain and Norm is outside the car changing a tire. I think it during a blizzard when I’m toasty warm inside and Norm’s struggling to dig a path so we can drive the car out of the garage (well, that is not an action we have very often anymore – being retired means we can both sit and watch a blizzard and cancel most plans).

So, that other day, I thought it again! Norm was out in the blazing sun, changing oil in the car. I was sitting in the shade, painting poles, again (painting the roses red!). Now, why he in the sun and I in the shade? I chose my spot to paint – he chose the chore, but never moved the car into the shade.

This brings a question to mind. Is it a “man thing” to suffer? Or do they just not think of things like “relative comfort?” Is it because the man has always been the hunter, the breadwinner, the protector that makes him want and desire to be uncomfortable in his actions?

A woman, now, being a nurturing soul, nurtures herself as well as others. Which means, of course, finding the most comfortable way to do things, even for herself. So I found myself the most comfortable place to paint (painting the roses red) while Norm found the most uncomfortable place to change oil. And we were both relatively happy!

But my obsessing question is: if I am “painting the roses red,” why do I have blue paint on my face, blue paint on my pants, blue paint on my knees, blue paint on my fingers and blue paint on the garage floor?

You have a beautiful day!

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jung said...

haha~ great title!

I use to feel bad when my car is out of order, luckily my credit card company has a free "helping on the road" service, one phone call and they will send a man to recharge the power, changing tires, and bring me a cold coke and all free~

So, I love to be a woman again~~