Monday, July 10, 2006

My corn grinder is working

This winter I found an antique corn grinder for Norm. We had one at Historic Murphy’s Landing but couldn’t bring it with us, of course, as it belonged to the Landing. Norm put it aside to clean and make a stand for it.

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My idea was to buy organic corn and wheat from our neighbor, grind the corn and have good, healthy food for my girls. So Norm got the grinder up and running yesterday – I ground some corn for a test.

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The plan, now, is to get in touch with the neighbor. Because he is a farmer, he’s pretty busy this time of year (well, all times of the year), so we left a message on his answering machine. I am thrilled that he raises organic seed. Wheat, corn, barely, rye and oats are what he sells to companies around the country. And he is willing to sell us our little bit that we will use. We also get corn from him for our corn stove – he sells it cheaper than any one around and it’s got a drier moisture content than any we’ve seen (which is important to corn stoves).

Happy birthday, Eric! Today is my favorite youngest son-in-law’s birthday!

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And tomorrow is Jill and Eric’s eighth anniversary! What a way to celebrate – birthday AND anniversary in just two days! Happy Anniversary, kids … I love you!

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So, now the day is nearly over – I had difficulty with my wireless for awhile, but the Wild Blue gal was really great and now I am back again! Norm and I tightened bolts on the windmill so that the blades won’t go flying in the wind. It was a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Leslie Shelor said...

The corn grinder is so cool, and so is the farmer! Happy anniversaries and birthdays to all!

Ilona said...

I've never seen a corn grinder before, it looks great. You're really lucky to be able to buy organic produce from a neighbour! I hope your daughter and son-in-law had a nice anniversary and birthday : )


PS. Your blog is beautiful. I love looking at all the pictures : )

happyowl said...

Love the corn grinder. LOVE your daughters shirt!!!!!!!LOL... could'nt resist.

Brightest blessings