Monday, July 24, 2006

Maniac Monday

Carla is up with her cool stuff again! When was the last time you got sunburned?

You know, I really can't say - I am pretty careful about being out in the sun. For the last 10+ years, I have worked during the day, inside, with long sleeves (long dress, petticoats, etc) so have not been tempted to be in the sun. I generally am outside in the morning, evening or when it's not hot and sunny. I get a touch of pink, sometimes, on my arms if I wear short sleeves now, but not a whole lot.

Sorry, guys, I'm a wimp (and proud of it).

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Carla Lynne said...

Was it hot inside (and out)at Murphy's all covered up?

When I was looking into serving in Morocco- they dress very heavily during the heat- light colored and textured fabrics, but kept their body covered... in order to avoid burning. Found it fascinating...