Saturday, July 15, 2006

Llamas. Again!

Candy and Wayne and I too Erin to see Bill, the llama man yesterday morning. It was a surprise for Erin, but a pleasant one.

Before we left here, Erin needed to go see the chickens and check for eggs. She is fascinated by chickens, as are most children.

We went over and Erin was awed about seeing llamas in the barnyard. Of course, with the heat, they weren’t all out, but we saw the three new babies – two of them less than twenty-four hours old yesterday!

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Little girl born July 12th

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Little boy born July 13th
One of the boys is a bottle baby. For some strange reason, he had no desire to nurse from Momma. Bill tried every trick he could think of, but baby wanted a bottle, not Momma. Usually the problem is the other way around. So Bill milked Momma for a while, to get the co lustrum, then dried her up and is feeding baby himself.

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Bottle baby
Now, I learned another thing about llamas, but this could pertain to most animals. If the male baby is cuddled and made a fuss of, then he will bond with humans, not his own kind. When he is an adult male, he can become dangerous because of breeding ideas in his head. You can neuter him, but if he’s a prize and you want to use him for stud, you need to do something else. So Bill ignores baby when he’s around and baby is in a yard with the other babies so he learns to play with them. It was touching to see the baby nuzzling Bill and chewing on his belt with Bill standing there, arms crossed and not even looking at him.

That would be tough for me – I want to cuddle and love all babies!

We saw Wendy Darling and Peter Pan (the first babies of the year that I was allowed to name), and they are really growing up. A lady saw Wendy Darling on Bill’s web page (one of the ones I took) and wanted to buy her. She is not weaned, yet, but Bill said he might sell her if the price is right.

Erin was allowed to lead and jump Caramel, just like Ashley and Jessica did. Candy got all excited when she learned that llamas do obstacle courses similar to dogs. She used to train dogs for them, so is extremely interested in helping Bill train for obstacle work.

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Erin and Caramel

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Candy, Erin and Caramel
Bill offered to lease two llamas (they cannot be alone) to Candy and she could train them and enter them into the fairs, but she’s not ready for that this year, and will think about if for next year.

Bill has a great plan – he leases llamas (always at least two) out to 4-H kids for the summer. They work the animals, show them, get any prizes, and then Bill takes them back for the winter. It is cheaper than buying them, and there is no winter maintenance for the children. Candy could do the same, if she chose.

It was very hot yesterday, so we didn’t stay long. Bill also had other company .. he had met some people at breakfast in town yesterday and invited them to come see the llamas … which they did. Wayne, also, was feeling the heat and the effects of the storm we had the night before. His fibromyalgia is getting a little bit better but some things still bother him a lot. So we came home, had a cool drink of water. Candy and Erin emptied out Nana’s antique depression glass cookie jar (which means new cookies today) and Wayne helped Norm level up the “new” fridge.

We got C&W’s old fridge when they got a new one. Norm has set it up in the mud room for our second fridge. It will be VERY useful when we start getting the (hopefully) dozen eggs a day once the teenagers start laying.

A hot but beautiful day. You have a beautiful day.


happyowl said...

What a wonderful visit for Erin to have!!!

brightest blessings


Leslie Shelor said...

Looks like a wonderful day. The babies are darling!