Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Today was a very relaxing, very COOL day. After three or four days of hot, humid weather, we woke up to the low sixties and it stayed in the seventies all day.

Today was my parent’s sixty-fourth wedding anniversary, so they took us out to dinner, rather than the other way around! We had Candy and Wayne, friends Katie, Wally and Takara, Charles, Norm, me, Mom and Dad. It made quite a group in the little cafĂ© in the big (279) town of Storden.

After dinner, we went to Old Westbrook for an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social, musical entertainment and fireworks. The Old Westbrook Church was built in 1870, the oldest church in our county. It is still an active church and has a beautiful cemetery – also the oldest in the county. Candy, Katie and I are going to go back there some day, in the daylight, to look at the old graves.

The fireworks were pretty spectacular for a little group putting them on! As I watched, I thought of my dear friend Joanna – for six years we sat in the Historic Murphy’s Landing, watching the fireworks going around us from three sides.

Each year she would give the same speech – it was not the Fourth until I heard her give this speech. I can’t quote it exactly, but I will try to give you the main points of it.

“Each year when I watch fireworks, I think of other countries, other people who watch these kinds of displays in terror and fear. We are a country that have the freedom to enjoy the brilliant displays not with fear, but with joy. America is truly a great, FREE country! Happy Independence Day!”

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I will repeat … America is a great country. Happy Independence day … you have a great day!

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Candy Duell said...

Again, it sounds like you had a great time! It sounds like your weekend was one of great joy, and being very busy! Did you take that picture with your new camera??? It is great!