Saturday, July 01, 2006

The family is here!

My whole family (immediate, to be precise) is here today! Joy and family came last night, Jill and Eric came this morning. Brother Charles came yesterday afternoon, my folks will be here this afternoon.

My folks will be staying with sister Candy for a few nights, but tonight we will all be here for an anniversary party / reunion party. My folks will be married sixty-four years this Forth.

The only ones missing of my whole clan is my niece and family and my nephew and family from Candy’s side and my nephew from Charles’ side. Oh, well, there’s always next time!

The fun started last night when the granddaughters sang some silly songs for us before bed time. They were tired, but it was hard for them to go straight to bed because they were so excited. Seeing their dog, Tasha, after all this time was exciting, as well as seeing their Uncle Chuck, and us.

But we all went to bed semi-early (midnight?) and started out early again this morning. While having breakfast – Ashley helped make the waffles, we were surprised by Jill and Eric showing up so early! So they joined in with breakfast as Norm went to town for a funeral. Friend Wally’s father passed, so Norm went to represent us, as he knows how I cannot go to funerals. And I have family that needs to be cared for, as well.

First thing on the agenda was Ashley’s tenth birthday spanking by Eric and her present. A traveling cribbage board and cards of her very own! She insisted on playing a game right away with Jill.

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This whole day has been filled with action, fun and games. Take the freezer-move game. Norm brought home his mother’s freezer from the ranch the other day. I washed it, we plugged it in and got it ready for moving and filling. I emptied the old, small one (who’s seal had gone bad). There was a lot of frost on many of the packages. When we moved the old one out, moved the new one in, I started whacking off ice crystals on the packages to put in the new freezer. Joy and Charles started an ice fight, which ended up with me being caught in the middle. Since I am shorter than the others, I got the raw end of the deal.

We discovered that between all of us we had five laptops, six digital cameras and at least one ipod! Welcome to my simple little farm! I still have dial up, so it was a matter of who got the phone cord first and who was the strongest for checking email, researching and even playing games!

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Then there were the pop-bottle fountains. Eric and Jill bought some cheap diet pop and Mentos – the combination fizzes more than just shaking a pop will do. We had fountains and explosions and diet pop all over the place. However, they promised to keep it off the cement driveway, so I was content.

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Tonight, Candy and Wayne brought over Mom and Dad for supper, watermelon and cake. And the required bonfire. And the required fireworks after.

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It was a surprise, though, how bad the mosquitoes were. We normally don’t have them very bad, but they came out in droves and licked the mosquito spray off of us before biting!

Mom and Candy both mentioned that it would be nice to have mosquito netting, so I found a long narrow strip of cheap cheesecloth and the three of us sat under it to protect our heads and shoulders and arms from the moquitoes. It worked well, but there were comments of “sutee” and people being thrown on the fire. But the netting worked, for the most part, and kept most of the moquitoes from bothering or biting us! We didn’t care how strange we looked – we could see the fireworks just fine!

And now I have to get off line, as someone else wants to check email. I can’t wait until high-speed comes. I’m going to get a router so everyone can get on line in their own little corner, instead of stacking up on top of each other here at the computer desk, and everyone can be on line, with high speed wireless, at the same time!

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It was a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun was had by all. Love the pictures. We are under a burn ban, no fireworks or bonfires for us this year.
I spent the day shopping in Ft Worth with my daughter, grand daughter and dear friend and her daughter. The friends daughter is getting married on Sat. She just came in from Germany, just discharged from the Army. Her young man is a career Army person. They were going to pop in at the JP and get married. But we talked them into a wedding. So now we are all hurrying around and dividing up the fun for the ceremony. I had the privilege of buying Nina's dress for her. We found a lovely one for 85% off. HAPPY FOURTH !


Amey said...

Hi Connie! Sounds like you're having a great holiday! Say, have you tried Muscovy ducks for the mosquito problem? We just got some ourselves. I sure hope they help. I've heard some Muscovy owners say they didn't get bit all summer! Wouldn't that be miraculous!

happyowl said...

What a great weekend you had! I'm so happy that you got your high speed, I wouldn't know what to do without mine. Congrats on winning the e-bay auction, I would like to say no more fighting at your house but I think you guys will find something else to fight over.LOL, you guys have to much fun doing it not too!
You have a great family and I hope you are all enjoying each other on your holiday weekend.

Happy Fourth of July