Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A dream come true

First of all, I would like to apologize to my children! I was mistaken in dates yesterday. Jill and Eric were married on the 10th – Eric’s birthday was today, the 11th. Transposing numbers like I so often do. Sorry, kids! It won’t happen again (until the next time?).

Anyway, this has been quite a day! Friend Katie and I went over to Candy’s to see Wayne’s pop-up camper trailer. He was going to loan it to us for the State Fair, as we will be there for over 14 days this fall. However, he decided he wanted to sell it and offered it to us at a price we couldn’t refuse.

So our business, “Past Presentations,” is now the proud owner of a lovely camper trailer. It will be great for other things besides the State Fair! Tomorrow we go over to learn how to put up, take down and details on the whole camper!

A dream come true – a camper! Past Presentations will allow individual business owners (Katie and I .. the only ones!) to use it for personal trips, as well as business.

Another dream come true – as we were ready to go, leaving Norm behind to load Wayne’s old fridge on the pickup to bring here for a second fridge for us, Wayne asked if I wanted a swing / seat! Do I? I have wanted an outside swing / seat for as long as we have been married, I think … if not longer!

So Wayne and Norm loaded it on the truck and brought both items over. Norm is getting the corner for the second fridge ready; I ate lunch out in the back yard on my new seat! Heaven!

And if that wasn't enough! We saw an ad at Pamida for a screen gazebo at a great price, so I called and put one on hold – we went over tonight to get it. Soon Norm will put that up in the back yard, as well. And I picked up a third thistle sock to hang out back so that (hopefully) goldfinches will stop by out there for us to see.

A wonderful dream-filled day! You have a beautiful day!


Grandma Rosie said...

Thats the kind of day I would love to have! You really hit the jackpot. I always love the pictures you post Connie, it makes me feel like I have known you and Norm a long time. HUGS!!

happyowl said...

I love the swing! Just think of all the morning coffee's/ tea's you can have sitting there watching the birds! Lucky lady!

Brightest blessings


Anonymous said...

Gosh Connie, what a long time to wait for your swingseat - please ask Norm if he will kindly take a pic of you sitting enjoying your coffee there for us!



Carla Lynne said...


Hope you are doing well today- perhaps sitting on that swing sipping a cool iced tea?

Miss you and love you even more!!!

Carla Lynne