Saturday, July 08, 2006

All quiet on the western front

I went out to the barn tonight at 10:00 because I had forgotten my camera. The wind was calm, it was mild out and the moon is 95% full. No clouds in the sky and not too much moisture, so no Moon Dog to be seen.

I had the camera out at the barn because I wanted to show you the new feed I got for the baby chicks. We stopped at the Peterson Feed Store which is shared by a quilt shop in an old elevator – really cool place. The feed there is a little bit cheaper than Runnings, the commercial feed and “toy” store down the road. When I say “toy,” I mean tractors, horse equipment, feed, bird seed and feeders, grass seed, all kinds of things, plus cool kitchen equipment (I got my pressure cooker there), plumbing and electrical stuff.

When I asked for Grower mash, Mr. Peterson didn’t have any, but he has a Grower ground grain. It has all the stuff the mash has, including the protein that is needed, and also has grit added, so I shouldn’t have to have grit in the pen with the babies. However, I think I’m going to put some there, just to be on the safe side.

I took pictures of the mash and of the ground grain. The grain is supposedly just as good, and can be given to day old chicks. And it is $2 cheaper per 50 weight. I can live with that. We mixed the mash we had left with the grain and it will gradually be introduced to the babies.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On my way back from the barn, I took some pictures of the moon. It certainly is beautiful tonight with no clouds in the sky! The only problem was that the mosquitoes are out in hoards and I got bit all over my arms. I will have to have a good soaking bath with lots of good homemade soap slathered on the bites. I have found that soaping up the bites really helps take the sting out of them.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was a hot but beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

Oh your moon pictures are great. It was a nice night here too. We went to the fireworks, and it was a beautiful night.

~DanaB~ said...

Hello! I'm SO glad to have found you, I missed you on Homestead Blogger and luckily stumbled across someone else who did too and followed the links you and Carla left! I'm in the dark as to what went on, but am SO happy to have found you again!


happyowl said...

What beautiful pictures of the moon! I am so happy that you got yourself a new camera, I love the pictures you post.

Brightest blessings


Green Fingers said...

Oh I love those moon pictures! Beautiful!


Leslie Shelor said...

It does look like a farm there, especially the peaceful evening description and moon photos!

Trixi said...

Hey spinning grandma, I am so glad I found you. You need to tell people when you move. I have missed reading your writings. I can't wait to see what things you have to say.

Grandma Rosie said...

Love the pictures of the moon and tree. No bare branches here! Summer is in full swing. I had to move my bunnies out of the barn and under a pair of trees so they could get more air flow. Texas summers are hard on rabbits!